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Carr's Table Water Cracker Selection, 6 Packages of 3 Varieties Inside, 1lb 9.5 oz. Box

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Yet another luscious assortment of Carr's English crackers. Carr's has long been a standard of quality that few in the world can match. Yes, they are expensive, but if you want the very best - go to Carr's, you will not be disappointed. This is an assortment pack of three types of the lovelyCarr's Cream .Crackers : Original, Sesame, and pepper.Each cracker is quite thin, amazingly crispy, and full of a flavor explosion,, which whether eaten alone, or with cheese, Prosciutoo and fruit, etc. is superb.The original flavor is a less salty version of a superb saltine, thin, full of crispy layers, and possessing a rich wheat flavor. The sesame is the same cracker, but with added sesame, which adds a great deal to the flavor of the basic cream cracker. The basic cream cracker will not fight against any topping that one might choose to use. The sesame cracker is quite tasty, all by itself, but will be better with some cheeses than others. The pepper version of the cracker is the most pronounced, and the most dominant of all of the three crackers.The pepper-flavored cream cracker is lovely all by itself, crispy, with a touch of salt, and a smidgen of the finest quality ground pepper. Non-pepper lovers need not fear the pepper cracker. The pepper taste is indeed noticeable, but will never be so overwhelming as to repel a taster, or any topping chosen to accompany iit. The only exception that I can think of would be sweet toppings, which might not blend with those nuances as well as with the sesame and original form of the cracker.Keep a package of these on hand for unexpected guests, or tasty midnight nibbles. You will not be disappointed, and your guests will be most impressed by the high standards of your palate.

ATX Amazon Fan

Carr's crackers are the best crackers! A good cracker is strong and can withstand whatever you spread on it. And, the taste of the cracker should be neutral so it doesn't detract from the taste of whatever you put on it. I've tried other crackers from Costco, Trader Joe's etc. and they just aren't as good, even though they are less expensive.


I bought these because I can't find the salt and pepper version anywhere in local stores. I was pleasantly surprised that these shipped without breaking and were very fresh. I probably paid too much for them, but it's worth a little splurge every now and then.


Costco stopped stocking these but they are my all time favorite! Carr's are super slim and not overwhelming in taste to take away from whatever is being eaten with them. I personally love them with cheese.


Great with cheese of course, but also as light snack with milk tea.Best quality crackers delivered earlier than expected in very good conditions and unbroken.The Seller "Club Bulk" has a great Customer Service & Care sending notificactions promptly.Very satisfied and will purchase again!


Carr's Table Water Cracker Selection is AWESOME. We order these frequently. This past time, I ordered them along with some Caviar, some Prosciutto, and some different types of cheeses to celebrate my husband's birthday.

Mrs. B.

Another item I am never without. They are thin, crisp and the right size. When having a nice cheese and wine, they do not overwhelm what is being served with their own taste. There are a variety of flavors but all very subtle.

Dad's ABQ girl

Great buy if you like these crackers as much as I. Not salty, generous expiration date.


Great pride for the quality and quantity


I like the convenience of different flavors in one order.


Perfect round crackers, very good, goes with just about everything

Colin Marcom

Great crackers


Taste compliments strong flavored cheese and doesn't compete with it

John Butcher

These crackers are the best! They're very crisp and thin, with subtle flavors that don't overpower the flavor of whatever food you place on them.


Excellent deal on my favorite crackers!!! I love this combination!!


A very nice variety. I'll buy these again.

Donna M

I have bought these crackers before and the box is undamaged (can't say that for all the boxes I get) and the crackers are fresh. I will order again and they come quickly also.


Good and fresh. What more can be said? Good buy. + + + + + + + + -+ +


My favorite crackers, everyone likes them.


Carr's crackers are my absolutely regular store-bought cracker, and this is a reasonably priced big pack of em.