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Ensure Max Protein Nutritional Shake with 30g of High-Quality Protein, 1g of Sugar, High Protein Shake, Café Mocha, 11 fl oz, 12 Count

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  • TARGETED NUTRITION: High protein with 25 vitamins and minerals, and 150 calories
  • NEW FLAVORS: Enjoy delicious new French Vanilla and Mixed Berry, plus Milk Chocolate and Café Mocha
  • DOCTOR-RECOMMENDED BRAND: Ensure is the #1 doctor-recommended brand
  • Suitable for lactose intolerance* and gluten-free

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    Total Reviews (20)


    I have tried a lot of the various nutrition drinks and this one right now is my absolute favorite. I love that it is not calorie laden and 30 g of protein is great. The cafe mocha flavor is really good being that I am not a big coffee drinker anymore but I like coffee flavoring. I put this up against the Core Power coffee drink and the Core has too many calories and less nutrition. Against regular Ensure, fewer calories and more protein with Max. I really don't care for Boost (sounds weird but the bottle is just to difficult to open) and it just doesn't match up to Ensure for me. Put this way - if you are used to nutrition drinks, try this one. I think it's a winner.

    B. Szafranski

    I expected this to taste bad because it's so low in sugar, but it's actually good. A lower price is sorely needed, which is why I deducted one star. Frankly, this is WAY TOO EXPENSIVE. Coupons are sometimes available, but you can't rely on those if you need more than one four-pack (frankly, coupons waste time, and they're just a lame excuse for manufacturers to not lower their prices).If you have someone battling wounds, protein greatly promotes healing, and a smart nurse told me that this protein is just as good as any other source. So, the high price is just something you'll have to live with if a loved one needs this for healing. I'm not a cheapskate, but this is way to pricey (oh, right, already said that, but it does need repeating)Like all the other Ensure drinks, I put this in the freezer for half an hour or so as it tastes better when a bit slushy. The strange paper-like packaging is unique and saves space, but I doubt it's recyclable because the paper box likely has multiple layers, including plastic and aluminum (think of snack bags with their metallicized liner for keeping out oxygen for long shelf life).Some buyers might want more flavors, but these two are excellent choices. If you want a coffee flavor (with a slight bite) along with the caffeine of one cup of coffee, go with the Café Mocha. If you want a basic flavor without caffeine, go with the Milk Chocolate, which is more expensive (at 25¢/drink) for some strange reason.Again, this is an excellent choice for someone who has to heal as protein greatly aids healing. Hopefully, the price will come down, or a lower-priced Brand X will appear. Thanks for reading my review.


    I've been using the Ensure Max Mocha for a month now and it's excellent (tastes great; no after taste; boosts my daily protein intake sans the calories and it's low in sugars). I'm a coffee drinker so the caffeine in the mocha drink is just right...I drink half a container with my breakfast and the other half with my lunch or dinner. I now maintain a higher protein level than fat without the added calories. I drink it every other day and not daily.I've ordered both flavors now. I do recommend this product and I hope it works for all those who try/use it as it does for me.


    I don't use a lot of sugar in anything. So I was looking for a protein drink that did not contain a lot of sugar. This product said it contained only 1g of sugar so I tried it to see for myself. I am so happy that I tried Ensure Max. I drink one in the evening and I feel full until the morning. No more snacking before bed !

    Allison Kuta

    As a vegetarian, I struggle with getting enough protein in my diet, and am always on the hunt for new products to help with that. I suffer from iron deficiency anemia, which slows and delays the body's healing process. Ensure is designed to "repair and maintain body tissue", and because of that I wanted to have this on-hand for a possible future surgery. To prepare, I wanted to try it ahead of time. I've tried many different protein products over the years -- especially protein shakes as (meal) replacements. This Ensure Max-Protein Nutrition Shake is pretty impressive! It is very filling, with a thick, creamy chocolate texture and without the chalky after-taste of most similar drinks. This 11 fl oz shake is 150 calories with an impressive (Spark) breakdown of 30g Protein / 6g Carbs / 1.5g Fat, and a high percentage of the Recommended Daily Value of 22 different vitamins and minerals! Also, it is Gluten Free, safe for lactose intolerance, Kosher and Halal. The reason I docked a star: I want to like the resealable tetra pack, since that is great for on-the-go, but we have had a few of them leak (see photo.) The price is comparable/reasonable, too, so I will probably order more!


    Mostly none of us really "love" protein drinks. I mean, really, they all have an after-taste that's also chalky or they only taste good enough if they've been out of the refrigerator for less than 3 minutes, right? NOT THIS TIME, FOLKS!! The best advice I can give... try it for yourself. I'm a fan. In case it matters: Female, 48 yrs old, 5'1" and 120. The older we get the more important protein is to our bodies, than ever before. Keep that in mind when heading for the soda or the coffee. Seriously THE BEST protein drink I've tasted AND its got 30g in just one serving. Love it.


    This taste so good and is good .


    As soon as I saw an ad for this, I jumped on it because of the high protein/low sugar/low cal combo - plus the great price here! This is perfect for my specific dietary restrictions, thanks for carrying it!! Great taste, not chalky like so many others, plus it has the coffee boost 😃 perfect in the a.m.!


    I love this flavor, I'm trying to gain weight while working at UPS. I'm drinking this once daily with a big meal, but I may have to go towards a protein powder to get some progress going. If you do any intense exercise, this alone won't do the job. Make sure you have a good nutrition balance depending on your workout, if this drink helps you. I'm 105 lbs, and my first goal is 120 lbs. Don't expect quick results. Be sure to have essential amino acids along with your diet, otherwise you will have a hard time breaking down protein. Your nutrition will depend on your workout, my best advice to you is to get some professional opinions or ask some friends to help you in what you need.

    Sheryl Cohen-Alexander

    I had previously been using Boost high protein but I need to cut out sugar and add protein and this is perfect for me to start my day. I have to take a lot of meds when I wake and never have an appetite. Amazingly at just 150 calories it fills me up enough so I can wait a few hours until my meds kick in and I can eat. It is dairy so if you have dairy issues I’m not sure this is for you but if you’re looking to cut out sugar you’re cutting almost 100 calories a day. That’s a half pound weight loss a week right there. I just wish it was in a stronger bottle. My German Shepherd enjoyed a bottle as he was able to easily puncture the container. Also why is it square??? Other than that great product? I buy it by the case

    Mrs. Nancy L. Rosengren

    Shake is filling and satisfying. Have had trouble with other diabetic shakes leaving me feeling hungry or shaky. No so with Ensure Max Protein -- love the mocha flavor, clean. (No aftertaste.) Thank You for coming up with such an awesome product. (Recommended to me by nurse practitioner. So glad she did!)

    Carlos Villoch

    Nothing to dislike here! This Ensure MAX protein shake is really good, just wish the price would drop a bit....maybe since it’s new and once out for a while it may come down in price. Ordered the mocha and it’s just absolutely delicious and good for you, very low sugar & low carbs, hope it’ll be a good KETO type protein shake I can enjoy to curb hunger during this strick diet. Thank you amazon, you can’t beat your price on the 12-count anywhere, not even Walmart can match your price. Will order more for sure!


    Bought them for a relative who needed to get More nutrition . He is doing much better now


    I order these for my 94 year old friend who say she likes the taste of this product and her Dr. said one of these a day is great!


    So much better than those other protein drinks!

    susan krot

    Great for diabetic on the run


    They taste good and the mocha version can replace a cup of coffee in the morning because they contain 100mg of caffeine.


    I love this flavor. The shake is smooth and just the right thickness.I bought it because of the low sugar and high protein.


    30 grams of protein. 1 g of sugar and only 150 calories! Can't beat it. Tastes great and good price. I'm sold! This is my 2nd order of the mocha. Tastes great and the 30 Grams of protein keeps you full longer. It's a keeper!

    K. Russell

    The Cafe Mocha Ensure Protein Max is without a doubt the best tasting protein drink I've every tried. Everyone in my family has tried them and we all agree we could put it in a Starbuck's cup over ice and no one would know. With 30 grams of protein, 1 gram of sugar, lots of vitamins and minerals, and only 150 calories, it's a great way to start the day or supplement a light breakfast. Highly recommended. FYI - the chocolate flavor isn't that great. If you like coffee flavor, get the Cafe Mocha.