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Ladyfingers - Naturally Gluten-Free and Wheat-Free - 5.3 oz Each (Pack of 2)

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Limited quantity available / 202 sold

  • Delightful & Delicate Cookies - Imported From Italy
  • Perfect For Snacking
  • Exceptional For Tiramisu Recipe
  • Preservative-Free - Non-GMO - Dairy-Free

  • 10

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    Total Reviews (15)


    My husband used these gluten free ladyfingers to make tiramisu for our daughter and her children. It was delicious and you couldn't tell a difference. We would order these again!


    I was pleasantly surprised with the taste of these gluten free lady fingers. The Tiramisu I made was delicious and indistinguishable from using regular Lady Fingers.

    Michelle H

    These were fantastic for gf tiramisu. I did have to dip into coffee just a tad longer than usual, but we could not taste the difference between these and regular lady fingers

    Salustra Wallace

    Nice and crispy, good taste came extremely well wrapped

    V. Kline

    These ladyfingers were perfect for making tiramisu. Highly recommend them for anyone who is gluten free and wants a special and easy dessert.


    These ladyfingers are good and are very similar to the ones with gluten. The only difference is they are a bit dryer and if you make tiramisu you need to soak them a bit longer, cause they don't seem to absorb as fast as regular ones do.

    Samba Girl

    Arrived fresh and well packed! Love those lady fingers cookies!

    books n'more

    Fantastic product. No one knew they were gluten free. I used them to make tiramisu. They held up well, but were a bit too sweet so only gave them 4 stars. Actually would give them 4.5 stars if was an option.

    Mario A. Messina

    Great product for making dessert

    Joyce Joyner

    Great snack not too sweet.


    Delicious gluten free cookies!


    Product arrived promptly. Great taste. I used them to make a tiramisu cake and it was delicious.

    Stephen N.

    We used this product for a gluten freee dessert gift.


    Great flavor, but rather costly.

    Linda Hopkins

    Some Schar products I love and others are barely edible. Now that they have a plant in the US, they are a little bit easier to find, but still few markets carry them. Great to find a larger variety of items on Amazon now. If you ever get a delivery like the previous reviewer where they are all crumbs, let Amazon know. This is a shipping issue, not a product issue!!Schar Lady Fingers are the dry style vs cake-like style, which to me is more authentic cake-like style end up as mush in reciepes or dunked in your favorite warm beverage. I have been gluten-free for 16 yrs due to Celiac Disease. I am extremely sensitive and have never had a problem with any of their products. I must say the Lady Fingers are my favorite!!I typically buy to use in tiramisu or a similar type recipe except with custard and fruit. However, I often end up opening before I get all my other ingredients together and enjoy as a nighttime treat with hot chocolate or a decade latte. They are not too sweet. They are a nice light dessert on their own with a great crisp. They hold up in recipes as well as my traditional ones did back when I could still eat gluten. When I do manage to save for a recipe, I use two packages.