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Leesa Hybrid Mattress (formerly Sapira), Luxury Hybrid 11" Mattress in a Box, CertiPUR-US Certified 3 Layer Spring/Memory Foam Construction, King, White & Gray

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  • Polyester
  • Our mattress: The Leesa Hybrid mattress combines premium foam layers with individually-wrapped pocket springs for superior edge to edge support. The Leesa Hybrid mattress was thoughtfully designed with the best of both worlds, featuring a cooling avena foam Top layer, a contouring memory foam recovery layer and an active pocket Spring layer enhanced with edge support.
  • Rest on luxury: The Leesa Hybrid mattress actively responds and adapts to your body as you sleep, gently pushing back on your pressure points through the night. The hybrid pairing gives reliable, yet luxurious Rest.
  • Made in the USA: The Leesa Hybrid mattress is designed, assembled and manufactured in the USA with high-performance foams and advanced pocket-spring Coil technology.
  • Edge support: the Leesa Hybrid mattress features incredible edge-to-edge support thanks to 1, 000+ individually-wrapped pocket springs.
  • Rest easy: because we know it takes more than one night to fall in love, We want to make your purchase 100% risk-free. All Leesa mattresses include a 100-night in-home trial backed by a no-hassle, Full refund policy.
  • Wrapped in luxury: all Leesa mattresses are covered with our iconic 4 stripe mattress cover. We've worked hard to make this highly breathable, virtually seamless mattress cover with no tapered edges one of the most comfortable mattress covers on the market, so you can sleep well.
  • Our social impact: we set out to create a company with heart—one that measures our success as much by our bottom line as by our impact on the world. We donate one mattress for every 10 We sell, plant one tree for every mattress We sell and Volunteer in our local communities.

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    Yes, it's a tad firmer than I was used to, but the back and edge support this hybrid mattress offers are exceptional, eliminating the back pain I had with my previous memory foam-only mattress. The build quality and luxurious materials used are high grade. Overall, the Sapira is a class act.Day 1: The mattress arrives in a tall square-box, about 2x2x4. I attached a photo of what the mattress looks like compressed inside the box. Upon placing the mattress on my boxspring, I cut the plastic off and the bed immediately sprung to life, literally, as the coils decompressed. Yes, there is a noticeable off-gassing smell, but it's not offensive. I left my window open at night, and 90% of the smell was gone by the next morning.Day 2: At first, the mattress was a bit firm, but after about 24-36 hours the mattress had fully decompressed and was much more comfortable. It's probably a 6.5/7 out of 10 on the firmness scale, the way most online professional mattress websites suggest. The top Avena foam layer sleeps cool, so I don't overheat. The bounce the Avena foam + the pocketed coils provide makes moving around, and getting out of bed effortless. The off-gassing smell is just about gone now.Day 3: Decided to get rid of my old mattress and keep the Sapira. I sleep mostly on my back, but sometimes on my side and stomach throughout the night. The only sleep position I thought wasn't going to work out was the side position, because of the firmness, but the 3 inches of Avena + memory foam actually provide just enough sinkage, while keeping my spine aligned. The off-gassing smell is completely gone now. I bought a mattress protector, and then my bed sheet goes over that to complete the package.When I bought this mattress last Sunday, there were 20 left in stock with Amazon. As of this morning, only 9 Queen-size beds were left in stock, while some sizes other than Queen were already out of stock. So clearly word is getting out about this mattress. At $1,325, it's also a lot less expensive than every other hybrid mattress on the market, most of which will cost at least $2,000 more than this one, and will require you going to a showroom, and taking time off work to be home for delivery.In conclusion, I highly recommend this mattress. Please feel free to ask me any direct questions on here. Also, if you have time, I recommend reading the review on Sleepopolis, as it's the most comprehensive professional review that matches my own experience.Update: although I bought a Claritin mattress protector, and although when I called Sapira customer service they recommended having one too, I removed it on Day 4. It added a "plastic" feel to the surface of the bed that became unbearable. Once I removed it, that initial softness I experienced on Day 1 came back again. I only intend to use just my bedsheet from here on out. I recommend you do the same.((On a side note, I suggest ignoring the only other two reviews on here, both two stars. Unlike myself, neither one is a confirmed buyer of this product. The first review is too short to be real for a legitimate mattress evaluation by an actual customer. The fact that this mattress has the firmness rating it does shows the Sapira is designed for superior back support, so the reviewer's complaint is illogical. The second review is also partially off topic, as they discuss the manufacturers's website, which has nothing to do with how the mattress feels. Yes, they are correct the mattress is a little firm, but every other online review already confirms this. So to slam the product with only two stars for performing how it was designed is unfair.))

    marshall t gibson

    Best bed ever. If you have back pain don't hesitate about getting this bed. I've had inner springs and memory foam but this is in a league of its on.


    My chronic lower back pain is GONE like magic. I'm so happy waking up with no pain and my body feels much lighter every morning. I should have bought this Sapira mattress a year ago when my friend let me sleep on it for 3 nights. I fell in love with this mattress back then, so I was trying to save some money. I'm so glad I decided to spend the money for myself. It's truly life changing mattress. Perfectly firm and when my dog walks by on this mattress, I don't even feel the movement. It came in a heavy box but it was very easy to open and set it up.


    So far so good. Wife and I are stomach and side sleepers. The firmness of this mattress is about a 7/10 and offers plenty of support. I use to feel hot spots and pressure with my softer pillow-top mattress but no longer with this. I am hoping it lasts for a long time and we are excited (so far) about our new mattress....especially b/c of the price.

    Bradford G. Hughes

    I was worried about getting a bed online. I was even more confused about what kind to get, given all the options. I didn’t trust a lot of the reviews because everyone knows that so many of them are bogus. All I can say is that I am a very real person and I was SO suprised by how much I liked the bed. It’s more comfortable than my old “normal” bed and it’s been some of the best rest I have gotten. Maybe it’s not for everyone, but it’s definitely perfect for me. It’s just the perfect amount of firm and soft.10/10 will buy again; 13/10 would recommend to friends and family; 1/10 would recommend to people I dislike.Give this a try, you won’t be disappointed.


    When the box came, a was more than a little weary about how I was going to like the mattress. We took it out of the box and it was cool to hear the springs popping and to see the mattress take shape. We let the mattress sit for several hours before sleeping on it. It is SO comfortable! Absolutely love it. I would highly recommend. The memory foam top is so great.


    Most comfortable bed ever. Waking up without pain for the first time in years cannot be underrated.


    I have always had a pillow top mattress, but my sister in law talked me into stepping outside of my comfort zone. I was shocked this king mattress was all rolled up. The min we opened the plastic, the mattress starting popping and expanding. It was pretty full in an hour or so and then continued to rise. The odor that I've always had with any memory foam product, quickly went away in a day or so. I am a cancer survivor who has been suffering from ongoing hip pain. Since sleeping on this mattress, not once have I been startled awake with hip pain. Throws my theory out that I always thought I needed a pillow top mattress. Take the leap out of your comfort zone. You won't regret it!

    John D. Wilson

    Great mattress. I was concerned about a mattress in a box, but was truly amazed on how well and firm it was after it expanded. It does take some time for the smell to go away.

    Ramzi S

    My back pain gone!! .it shapes perfectly with my spin, when i slept before i use to have lower back and groin pain cause i didn't have the right support and i felt that i need adjustments all the time . worth every penny . very happy so far and i have it for few months now.softness i would say 8 out 10,not 7! so its more on the firm side but no too firm. so i was hesitant at first feeling. then after few nights of sleep i saw the benefits.


    I spent a fair amount of time researching mattresses and so far I am thrilled with my decision. My wife and I went on a short vacation over the holiday and when we returned we both noticed immediately how much more comfortable our bed was versus the various hotels we had stayed at during our trip. We were staying at mid-grade hotels with decent accommodations.


    Before buying this mattress, i would wake up every morning feeling like i was 90 years old (I’m only 42) my back ached so badly. After only ONE night of sleeping on my new Leesa Sapira, i woke up with no pain whatsoever!! I adore this mattress and can’t wait to go to sleep at night. If you’re in need of a new mattress, i highly recommend it. It’s firm, but amazingly comfortable.

    Justin M. Jones

    We have had this mattress for a little over a year and really like it. My wife and I are totally different types of sleepers and have different preferences for mattresses. She like firm and I like soft, some how this mattress is a perfect fit for us both. The one compliant I have is that the mattress is not true to size, we have a king and the dimensions of our mattress is a couple inches smaller than standard king size dimensions. We addressed this with the company and after sending a few pictures, they replaced the mattress, BUT the new mattress is again slightly smaller than standard king size dimensions. This has no affect on the comfort level, but it does look odd on our platform bed. We have chosen to stuff pillows between the headboard and the mattress to "make it fit". Comfortable bed, just can't understand why the mattresses aren't standard size.

    Kristen K.

    My husband and I needed a new mattress and he did not want to get a memory foam mattress and I didn't like the feeling of most spring mattresses, After reading hours of reviews and recommendations I decided to get this hybrid. It is at a good price for the quality of the product. I am so glad I didn't cheap out on my mattress. I would recommend this to anyone! No more back pain!


    I purchased the Leesa Sapira (now Hybrid) mattress to replace a 5 year old memory foam mattress. This bed gives a ton of support, and I suspect would be excellent for back sleepers exclusively, but isn't so great for combo sleepers. I'd rate the bed closer to a 6.5/7 out of 10 than a medium plus firmness. I find myself tossing and turning throughout the night, and wake up with soreness and stiffness in the lower back and hip area.The bed is also HOT. Most nights, I've slept with my feet out of the covers, and even then I was uncomfortable warm.Pros --Supportive for back sleepers-High quality, premium feel-Easy to set upCons--Too firm for combo sleepers-Sleeps hot-Off-gassing smell lingers


    This was my first bed-in-a-box and after about 6 weeks I'd call it a success. It's got a soft initial feel that firms up after a few days. However, if you're in the market for a truly firm mattress, you might find the Sapira a little on the softer side. Naturally, the great thing about the Leesa beds? If you don't like it, they'll take it away for you. Initially skeptical, I'm now a true believer in the bed-in-a-box model of buying.

    Heli Morrison

    We love this mattress! We both have back problems & this mattress is not too hard or soft, just perfect!

    Kristin K.

    We ordered this mattress after trying the sleep number and one other memory foam. My husband hated both other alternative but he’s in love with this mattress. Great support. Quickly airs out with no lasting smell. I would recommend to anyone looking for a firmer cooler mattress

    Fancy Nancy

    Comfy - use in our guest room. No complaints.

    David Winter

    It sure is nice to sleep on this mattress! It does off gass for a few days but after that it's amazing!