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LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle 21313 Expert Building Kit, Snap Together Model Ship, Collectible Display Set and Toy for Adults (962 Pieces)

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  • Builders of all ages will enjoy completing this advanced building set! The detailed ship in a bottle also includes a LEGO brick stand to display it proudly. This is the perfect model for older kids and adults who love miniature model ships
  • This expert model boat building set is built with 962 pieces and features a buildable cork and wax seal element, ship with a captain’s quarters, cannons, mast, crow’s nest, sails and flag, and a display stand with a nameplate
  • This nautical collectible building toy includes a display stand so builders can proudly show their creation. It also comes with an instruction booklet about the set’s fan creator and LEGO designers. Builders will love this miniature model ship build
  • LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle model building kit is compatible with all LEGO construction sets for creative building
  • Bottle on stand measures over 3" (10cm) high, 12” (31cm) wide and 3” (10cm) deep, Ship measures over 3" (8cm) high, 5” (14cm) long and 1” (5cm) wide

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    Total Reviews (20)


    I am a big Lego collector (adult) and I couldn’t wait to get this set. Picked it up for a sale price to make it even sweeter.This is not a set for kids. There is zero playability. I bought this to put in my office and it immediately was the talk of the job. It’s a perfect size to display on the desk.I’d highly recommend if you have a place to display it. The build wasn’t too bad except all the clear pieces can be tough to sort through. But it’s worth it and I’d even buy it at full price if I had to do it all over again.


    I was offered same day free shipping and it arrived less than 12 hours from when I ordered it, now I'm not saying everybody might have that opportunity but it certainly added a star for this review. This item was one of the best lego set I have ever bought! As shown in the picture its bigger than expected and the glass pieces were flawless meaning no scratches or discolorations. This will always be my go to item for gifts I guarantee it.

    Grandma Joyce

    This was a gift to my 9 year old grandson - a super Lego fan. He breezed along until he stumbled a bit on the bottle construction. A few days later he was back to conquer it. I'm so proud of his perseverance and happy to have been the gift giver of this wonderful project!


    This is part of the LEGO Ideas line - user submitted builds that Lego will consider selling if enough people vote for it. If you haven't participated, check out the pending LEGO Ideas on their website and vote! I was very happy to see this one recently make it to the marketplace and had to get it. It is really an unusual set, and looks great on display. The ship itself is rather small for a set of this price, but of course the real point is the look with the stand and bottle - which is every bit as awesome as you would expect. My pre-teen and teen Lego fans in our family all give this one high marks!Next on my list is another LEGO Ideas set I voted for - Tron Legacy Light Cycles - when amazon has it back in stock.

    Zachariah Johnson

    I made this with my 6yr old daughter who did most of the building. She really enjoyed it until we got to the clear bottle part. While it looks really impressive it is more delicate than I'm used to finished Lego projects usually are. The "water" pieces are fun (you just pour them in) but you don't get to play much with it in fear of breaking the bottle in half. All in all it was a mostly fun build and the result is definitely attention getting.


    I gave this to my son on his 20th birthday who has loved Legos throughout his childhood. He was excited and happy when he saw it. It is a wonderful Lego item that any adult or older child should have. Very cool

    David E

    I LOVE THIS. I love the idea of a ship in a bottle, and to be able to build one using Legos? Perfect. Spent a weekend afternoon building this and absolutely love it. It is simple to make, but it looks so damn awesome. I have gotten many people saying how much they liked it. It is my favorite Lego set that I have built even though it was one of the easiest. The end result is awesome.


    It took me about 4-5 hours to build and it was pretty easy. You start with the ship, then the bottom of the bottle, then attach the ship to that, then the rest of the bottle and lastly the base. There’s no way you can build the bottle first. Take into consideration that when you follow the instructions the model ends up with the top of the bottle to the left instead of the right, as the box originally shows.

    Tuan Le

    I love everything about this set, except the packaging. I'm not sure whether to blame the shipping or the packaging from LEGO, but when I received it, 2 of the 4 big glasses pieces has visible scratches on it that can't be erased. This is a bit disappointing since those scratches will be very visible and it is supposed to be brand new. Other than that though, this is certainly a solid build. I LOVE the small ship design, it is surprisingly detailed and pleasing to the eyes. Tbh, I would've bought this just for this ship model alone. All in all a very creative and fun set to build for a very reasonable price! A solid buy in my opinion, despite the potential scratches from packaging/shipping.


    Bought as a gift for a friend who is a real "lego-maniac". It was a big hit. Easy to assemble and interesting as a Lego Idea set.


    This lego set is a really great display piece. Part of the LEGO ideas series, meaning a fan designed it and got the lego community to vote for it to be manufactured.I bought this knowing my son would like it. I didn't know how the build worked without reading reviews before ordering it (or before dropping it on the floor when cleaning his room...warning, careful when dusting around this! - it may fall apart if you even look at it the wrong way.) The premise is that you first build the stand. Then build the boat, build part of the bottle, attach the boat to the bottle and then finish building the bottle around the boat. The bottom of the bottle is simple enough to put together and is sturdy. Attaching the ship to the bottle and having it stay in place in the bottle without the ship falling part is tedious. Attach it to the bottom and the bow falls off. Try again and a mast or two comes loose or spins around. Try again and the stud falls off the bottom of the bottle where it attaches together. After its attached together, building the rest of the bottle around the boat also has to be done with care so that you don't knock parts off the ship. Probably the most fiddly set ever, so not good for those easily frustrated, but it looks really great when put together.Designed for a display piece on a desk or shelf with occasional rebuilds for fun - the ship isn't really meant to be played with unless the person likes lots of rebuilds. That can be fun for some kids. On this one, if your kid is into that, watch for all of the "water" pieces that can and will go everywhere.Looks really cool as a display piece - most impressive display I have seen to-date. The set is very detailed. The stopper and seal on the neck of the bottle and the compass add a lot of visual interest.I would definitely recommend this - one of my favorite sets ever - but younger builders will likely need some help.


    An amazing look. Loved putting this together and was so much fun


    I’m a new veteran of building LEGO architecture set “the Great Wall” and now the LEGO ideas “Ship in a bottle” I’m not as young as I used to be at 70 years old. I’m able to follow the step by step instructions and complete the fine motor tasks of building this superb model.It took me about 10 hours to complete the ship in the bottle. It’s very high quality and a collectors item.I look forward to build more LEGO models.SincerelyGeorge Gooch

    Brian Elliott

    The concept for this set is great. The boat and stand are both well designed, and other than the sails and masts being a bit touchy, they build well. The bottle, however, is VERY fragile, as the curved sections don't fit well onto the bottom: the each end of a curve should snap down to a stud, but the studs to anchor them are barely above flush with the surrounding plastic, if at all. This means that you're left with large sections of the bottle unattached while you try to work with them; while they eventually attach at the top, this is only through a single anchoring point, making the whole thing quite shaky as you assemble it. Given that there's a decent amount of twisting and pressure while snapping other parts into place (especially the ship), the whole thing is continually threatening to pop apart at several seams. This gets better as more of the bottle is put in place, but it's a problem at early stages of assembly, especially when you're trying to get the ship secured to the row of studs that hold it.So, while this is a great set overall, it can be a very fiddly build. I found that some spots require virtually perfect alignment to work: the row of four studs that hold the ship (I had to reassemble this to make sure the stud spacing was right--it was very unforgiving), the sections of bottle above the masts (the masts are a hair's breadth shorter than the bottle sides, so they too need to be perfectly placed and aligned), the bottle sides (I started shoring them up with additional pieces snapped on while I was building), etc. In some ways, that's a decently authentic experience of the care, patience, and meticulous attention to detail needed to build a ship in a bottle; in others, it's a bit of unnecessary frustration due to some design issues. Despite all of that, it's a fun set and a great display item once completed.

    M. Wyant

    I don't want there to be any miscommunication: this is another great LEGO model from the Ideas collection. It's unique, fun to build, whimsical, and a true conversation piece. None of the build felt repetitive, and it was surprisingly complex. the model looks great on a windowsill or on a desk.However, the 300+ transparent aqua dots for the water and the large transparent bottle pieces make this kit a bit pricy for the build time and size. Although it comes in well under the rule-of-thumb $0.10 / piece for LEGO kits, you should consider this a true 600-piece kit, which makes the retail $70 a bit high, especially considering the low build difficulty.A great kit otherwise, and I'm very much not regretting the purchase.


    I love this set! I knew, the moment I saw it, that I had to have it!Assembly was fairly easy with no issues to report. The base/bottom of the bottle took the longest to build as it contains many small clear bricks. The ship was easy to assemble and mount into the bottle. The final assembly of the bottle top was easy to complete. The base is ornate and solid. A big plus for the compass and globes on the base!I don't consider myself and "expert" LEGO builder but I did not have any problems with the final bottle assembly that others have mentioned. It is also fairly sturdy and doesn't fall apart for me when handling. This is a display piece so once it is assembled you shouldn't play with it anyway.Don't pass up this amazing set!Enjoy!

    Avid Shopper

    I bought this for my nephew (he's 9, but he can assemble Lego projects in his sleep) and he was very enthused to receive this set. His mother said he'd been spying it for a few weeks. He went off to start working on it immediately. And, when he was done, he sent us photos. It looked good and is now on display. He usually does the kits marked for 12+ years, so this was in line. Nonetheless, his mother said he found it to be a pleasant challenge.


    This is my first LEGO work and I do it for my husband’s birthday gift. It is really great. Look buuuuuutiful! Perfect for gift. I decided to buy another one for my nephew who is lego fun!

    Aaron Penney

    Wish the small bags were organized better so we could just do it one bag at a time and not scatter a bunch of pieces risking losing some, but the whole family had a ton of fun doing it.

    El Miodragon

    This is such a cool toy. I see a couple of reviews that talked about the ship falling apart when putting it in the bottle but we didn't experience this at all. My 9 yr old was able to assemble this in its entirety all alone and said it did not provide any difficulty in getting it into the bottle. The little blue pieces that represent the water are very cool. I love the little stand on which the ship rests when complete. We've got a lot, and I mean a lot, of Lego sets but this is at the top of the list. It makes a wonderful display piece for a child's room where they can show off their Lego-building skill with a unique piece of Lego art. I could not recommend this set more highly.