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Nature Made® High Potency Magnesium 400 Mg, 60-Count

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  • Color Derived from Natural Sources - No Synthetic Dyes
  • No Artificial Flavors
  • No Preservatives
  • No Yeast or Starch

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    Total Reviews (20)

    Daniel Margosis

    It's supposed to be good for your heart but it also makes you poop!


    This is the brand I always purchase at my drug store. I will say it was more expensive on Amazon than at my local Drugstore. I use to help prevent tingling in my feet, as recommended by doctor and have had good results.


    Don't have to rush to the bathroom when I take this unlike the solgar brand. I take it at night around 9pm and around 6-7am I have to go to the bathroom. I take it for sleep and ADHD.


    Return buyer. First bottle Elle's more than the second. I take for leg cramps and occasional constipation.

    R. J. Province

    Great product. I have acid reflux and my daily medicine helps some, but based on hundreds of reviews on the benefits of magnesium I decided to give it a try. I trust Nature Made for all my vitamins and purchase just about everything from Amazon.I take one of these vitamins once a week on Friday and it has really helped me with a sour stomach. As my week progresses, the tension builds. By Friday I am wound tighter than a baseball pitcher on opening day. I then start to experience a burning sensation when I eat. I take one of these after I eat on Friday and it helps keep the sour stomach at bay. I've tried other vitamins that didn't work, so it's not really mental - even though most of my stress comes from those mentally ill - coworkers!All in all, great purchase. It works for me and I will continue to take it as long as needed.


    I've been having trouble with charlie horses and restless leg during my pregnancy... my OBGYN recommended taking magnesium to help with that and also help me fall asleep. I no longer have restless leg and am able to fall asleep very easily. I wouldn't say that it keeps me asleep like I'm drugged... I definitely wake up a lot at night still but I'm not in any pain or uncomfortable. My husbands taking it now too and LOVES it.


    There are different reasons to take magnesium, but if you take it to help with headaches, this is a liquid formula that acts quickly and might save you from having to take painkillers. This formula is potent and effective, for whatever your purposes.


    Helps with anxiety and constipation. Good to take MAG in hefty doses regardless. Great brand.

    L Warner

    I’m a healthy female in my mid 50’s and take several different supplements but magnesium is one of my mainstays. I’ve tried a couple different brands of magnesium but this one gives me consistent results. I take it at night before bed time and I’m always regular in the AM, which used to be important to my parents and Grandparents...but now it’s me,LOL!!


    I suspected that I had a slight magnesium deficiency because of some medication that I take-- I started feeling uncharacteristically anxious and exhausted, no matter how much sleep and exercise I got. I started taking this supplement, and I feel so much better! I don't feel so fatigued every day.Plus, a positive side effect is that magnesium helps with menstrual cramps! If you're prone to painful cramping, start taking magnesium about a week before your cycle (or just every day as a supplement) and you should notice a real difference.

    Colleen E. Van Kraats

    Magnesium is a great mineral to be taking. Nature Made is a quality, well made product. No after taste! I only gave four stars to easy to swallow because I have a hard time with larger capsules and there is no getting around this is a large capsule. I deal with it though because it is so helpful to my body.


    These gelcaps go down easy but they are large. Suggest taking with something other than water if you have difficulty with large pills.


    This is the second time I have purchased this product and brand. It has taken away my leg cramps in the night. I will keep using this product.

    Heather D.

    I take them everyday and helped me greatly with muscle cramps and added bonus, helps constipation.


    Trusted brand, good results. Seems to help with muscle cramps resulting from surgeries and physical activity and rehabilitation.


    I hate those chalky tablets that you have to choke down. These are smooth and a bit squishy, worth the added cost to get these.


    I used to take a probiotic with magnesium until they stopped making it. So I looked for magnesium supplements as intestinal support. The ones I had before didn't seem to work unless I took 2. These work at 1 per day within 8 hours.


    I have been using this brand for a while. Great price and good product. Seems to work as well as the higher priced supplements.

    Becky duPuis Bartek

    I’ve had migraines since preschool and nothing has helped prevent them like this. I take one every night and I’ve went down to 2 migraines a month from 9-12. I can’t recommend this product enough.

    tranquil peas

    Great value for your money. I have to take a lot of magnesium to help keep my migraines at bay, and this supplement seems to work the best for me.