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Nature's Way Standardized Boswellia, 40% Boswellic Acids per Serving, TRU-ID Certified, Vegetarian, 60 Tablets, Pack of 2

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  • Our Standardized Boswellia is carefully tested and produced to superior quality standards.
  • TRU-ID is an independent testing program that uses cutting-edge DNA biotechnology to ensure the authenticity of our herbal products, including our Standardized Boswellia. With TRU-ID validation, you can be sure that the Standardized Boswellia featured on our label matches what's in our product.
  • Standardized Boswellia is gluten free and vegetarian, made with plant-derived capsules. It also contains no salt, yeast-derived ingredients, wheat, corn, dairy products, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.
  • Serving Recommendation: Take 1 tablet three times daily with food or water. Warning: Do not take this product if pregnant or nursing. If taking any medications, consult a healthcare professional before use

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    Total Reviews (20)

    Asa Smith

    Natural products

    Carrie Agnese

    Helps with joint and body pain. I take it every day.


    as described

    horse lover

    I give it to my arthritic dog twice a day. He is much more comfortable!

    D. Hodory

    Used this product and after only two days noticed a big difference in inflammation in my knees and ankles. As good as/better than using ibuprofen (for me). Highly recommend.

    Carole Martin

    Seem to be helping my arthritis. Who really knows what supplements do what?


    i ordered this for my 80 year old Dad, who has suffered with knee and back problems for years. I read reviews that said it doesn't work instantly and I told him to be patient and stay on it for awhile and see what happens. It's been two months and I just got off the phone with my mom who said he is doing things around the house that he hasn't done in years and is not complaining nearly as much about the pain and seems to be walking better. I ordered two more bottles and if these pills can put a little spring in his step...it is worth it's wait in gold!

    Robert W.

    I used this product to complement glucosamine for knee pain due to osteoarthritis. I was happy with the results. I switched to another that touted 'results in 7 days' thinking it would be better. My knee pain worsened over the four months that I used the other product. I have switched back to the Nature's Way Boswellia and am enjoying the reduced knee pain. It does take a few weeks to enjoy the full benefit.

    Dog andus

    I have RA and have tried just about every homeopathic thing out there and none of them helped, not even chondrotin. This makes a difference. I have a little more movement and less pain. At last. Can't say if it will work for you but it sure works for me.


    I have been taking Boswellia for over a month with another anti-inflammatory supplement, and I've felt major relief in both knees. I suffer from arthritis and 2 torn ACL, (right and left knee).. This is much easier than NSAID's on my system. Highly recommended.

    FRANK D.

    Seems to help some with inflammation, but obviously not as potent as a prescription medicine. Gum-resin extracts of Boswellia serrata have been traditionally used in folk medicine for centuries to treat various chronic inflammatory diseases.

    Dog Mom

    Boswellia Great, my holistic veterinarian uses kinesiology and said this supplement "scored" very high with my Sr. Basset that has arthritis, she was pleasantly surprised. I'm taking it now too.


    Well, so far so good. I'm taking this product, along with Tart Cherry capsules, on the recommendation of a friend. I normally take ibuprofen on a regular basis to control osteoarthritis pain and inflammation, but I'm trying a natural approach which seems to be working. My friend also takes Devil's Claw, but I skipped that because I already have a problem with acid reflux, which Devil's Claw can excacerbate.

    Phyllis A. Griffiths

    This has helped my arthritis condition as an anti inflammatory so well as I cannot any longer take Celebrex

    Heidi Smith

    Great. I ran out a while ago and hadn't realized it. My body could tell though. I use one or two, twice a day for inflammation and body pains. It really makes a huge difference. It also helps me to think more clearly. I hadn't thought about that either but I imagine inflammation is systemic and that would affect your thinking.

    Frances Cates

    truly does help! I started the Boswellia and Tumeric for inflammation and most of my pain has gone away. I was taking NSAID's up to 4 times per day, but no longer need them that often.

    Robin, Norfolk VA

    I bought this for my mom who has had a hip replacement and wanted to stop taking anti-inflammatory meds since they were tearing up her stomach. They are working for her and I am going to try them for my carpal tunnel.

    BJ in So Po

    Going from not being able to walk without significant pain to taking a "normal" walk.....this herbal supplement is great. Inflamation reduced significantly. I love it.


    My dad always stood by nature-way products. He was a maker of tonics and pick his own plants from our farm, when he could. He was American Indian. It arrived promptly and works for my joints.


    I started using this for inflammation related to migraines. I noticed a difference after two weeks. I was taking two tabs at bedtime. AM migraines definitely gone. Just keep in mind that this works over time and is not a quick fix. Tried another brand but came back to this one.