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Nest Bedding - The Easy Breather Pillow - Superior Adjustable CertiPUR Memory Foam

$118.99 $99.0 Free Shipping
Limited quantity available / 134 sold

  • Zipper cover Tencel blended fabric.
  • Adjustable, supportive for any sleep style.
  • CertiPUR shredded memory foam fill.
  • Arrives overstuffed and ready for you to remove the amount you feel is needed to achieve the perfect nights sleep.

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    Total Reviews (11)

    Miranda Groboske

    Love! Bought one about 9 months ago. Loved so much bought it again. Fantastic!

    Mark Hastings

    Wow!!! You’ve got to purchase this pillow. I’m telling you, this pillow is amazing! I have purchased hundreds (perhaps thousands) of dollars worth of pillows over the years, and never been as satisfied as I am with this pillow. I’ve always slept on the best mattress money can buy, but without the right pillow, my sleep was never complete. Thanks to this pillow, I now sleep sound and oh so comfortable. $150 dollars for a great nights sleep? I’m worth it....How about you?

    Jim's kindle

    I’ve been looking for a good side sleeper pillow- so many seem great at first as is this one but I can already tell it’s gonna stay great-I would def recommend for any side sleeper-it gives the right amount of support so it lifts ur head up off the bed and keeps ur should alignment right-I’m a fan!


    I have tried many pillows over the years cheap to expensive and this pillow works! Finally! it is very comfortable and no problems at all. Right from the first night. I am no longer fighting with my pillow. It is not hard at all. Great neck support. Highly recommend worth the money

    David D

    At the price point I was expecting to be blown away. It’s definitely better than most pillows but for some reason I was slightly disappointed.


    This pillow is just the right size for me. I had purchased another pillow that didn't have enough stuffing. This one is perfect, but I like the fact that I can change it if I need to.


    I purchased this pillow directly from Nest Bedding. I love the materials, and it's adjustable (I did take a little bit of the foam out). I've had it almost a year and it's still holding up great. The most important thing – I have some cervical neck problems and have a hard time finding a comfortable pillow. This pillow has been wonderful for me! I've tried similar "adjustable" memory foam pillows online (highly rated ones), and they aren't the same. This was a splurge, but so worth it!

    R. P. Kamath

    I figure that I use my pillow a lot. More than almost anything else in my house. Maybe I should take the time to get a good pillow. So I find this one. I don't know what makes this one special, but it seems to have good reviews. Some of the reviewers claim to have spend thousands on pillows before landing on this one. I haven't done that, but maybe this is what I'm looking for. I try it. It feeling unremarkable-- certainly not a HOLY SH!T moment where I wonder where this pillow has been all my life. But it feels good. And I've been getting a good night's sleep on this for 2 weeks now. I never feel any kind of mindblowing sensation that I'm truly sleeping on something special... but maybe the fact that I never think about my pillow anymore is proof that it's a great pillow. Maybe it is worth $120.

    Bill in WV

    Pillow holds its shape well however you use it. It is firm for good support but not too firm like other memory foam pillows I have.

    Dennis Gray

    Absolutely love this pillow - excellent choice. Sleep so much better 👍


    I love this pillow! I have neck issues and these pillows have been a God send! I purchasing another for my daughter since she tries to steal mine all the time