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Organic Pain Relief Cream by ZenRenu | MSM Turmeric Arnica, Helichrysum, Hemp Oil | Made in USA | Muscles, Joints, Back, Neck & Skin Conditions

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  • ✅BREAKTHROUGH ORGANIC FORMULA with proven ingredients like turmeric, MSM, arnica, aloe, hemp oil and powerful essential oils like helichrysum, peppermint, camphor, boswellia & copaiba. Same formula as our best selling hemp turmeric product but without the hemp extract.
  • ✅MAXIMIZE YOUR RESULTS: Use ZenRenu’s all natural cream in the morning, night, and throughout the day for results you’ll actually feel. Give us 21 days of consistent use and change your life! Never greasy and fast absorbing
  • ✅ALL NATURAL & NON TOXIC. ZenRenu’s never uses parabens, glycols, chemicals or other potentially harmful ingredients with names you can’t pronounce
  • ✅ WORRY FREE 1 YEAR GUARANTEE: Our effective pain relief formula works for almost everyone. But, if it doesn’t work for you, we proudly offer a worry-free one-year guarantee. No questions asked! Click “Add to Cart” now!

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    Total Reviews (20)

    Bonnie Murray

    I have been using this product for almost a year now and it has given me such relief for my aching knees. I just put a small dab of it on my knees and rub it in and also for any minor aches on my body that I may get through the day and the relief is extensive. Love this product. I very seldom have to use any other pain reliever since using this product.

    Atishia Becker

    I bought this product for my husband. I really thought that I was wasting my money, but bought it anyway. My husband has had broken ribs, and in a lot of pain. I rubbed the ZenRenu into the area of pain. Within about 5 minuets it started making the area feel so good. It worked, it relieved the pain. This is a great product. I definitely would recommend it for anyone that has chronic pain.

    Bee Lux

    I am very pleased with this product. Its action after applying seem to slip up on me. By this I mean, I applied it and I continued to go up and down stairs to do laundry. I realized later thatI was going up and down our stairs more easily. In fact, I was walking with better posture and a zip in my step. The literature warned that not everyone reacts quickly to this cream. I knew that it may not even help at all. However, it helped me and continues to give my knees relief. This topical cream also helped my husband who is recovering from a car wreck and has spasms in his chest from seat belt and airbag injuries. Thank you to the owners of ZenRenu and the makers of this product. I will order again.


    I use this on my knees every morning and night for arthritis. I really notice the aches more when I forget to use it. You don't need much; just little goes a long way. I'm so glad I found this and will buy it again!


    I have arthritis in my wrists and the sides of my hands. I have used many creams and none have really worked. This does!When you get your package, it says to give it time, it doesn’t work immediately. I applied it to my problem areas every AM and PM for a week. The pain became less and less. It has made such a huge difference!The pain does return, but I apply the cream and get relief!

    Just My Opinion

    I purchased this for pain relief for a family member. The product seems to be working and I have purchased more. I would like to see this in a larger size.

    Elaine C. Beberniss

    I feel like the product was helpful but I was hoping for more of an instant result. I found that I needed to apply it every day - but the area I was putting it on my an entire back so it got rather costly to keep applying it every day - so I had to stop.

    B. Skinner

    I like the smell, I like that it helps remove dry skin, I think it helps me sleep. I am 72 and have had back surgery that didn't take away the pain and degenerative arthritis in my knees. Honestly I don't know if it's helping the pain or not. Wish it was in a pump bottle because I keep falling asleep and spilling it all over the bed. Have lost at least 4 ounces that way. At $50 a pop I can't keep using it. This price is for 4 ounces.

    Jeannine Cabral

    Love this stuff! A friend gave me a jar when I severely bruised my ankle. I used it twice a day for about a month and it reduced my daily pain and swelling. I gave some to my dad to apply to his face where he had had shingles and was left with severe nerve sensitivity. It was the only thing that he used that he felt truly helped. My mom also uses it on her hip for pain and swelling, she loves it!


    I like how it takes away the pain. It smells great.