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Pickled Sushi Ginger - 2 Jars of 12-oz - Japanese White No Coloring Pickled Gari Sushi Ginger Kosher, Fat Free, Sugar Free, No MSG - By Best of Thailand.

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  • SUSHI HEALTH BENEFITS: Digestive Health and Relieving Upset Stomach and Nausea Ginger is commonly used to promote healthy digestive health and relieve symptoms associated with nausea, motion sickness, morning sickness associated with pregnancy, upset stomach experienced after surgery and even the effects of chemotherapy in cancer patients. The anti-inflammatory compounds known as gingerols may also be instrumental in preventing colorectal cancer.
  • MORE BENEFITS: Lowering Cholesterol and Fighting Heart Disease and Stroke. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, ginger helps prevent blood from clotting, which helps lower and maintain healthy cholesterol levels. Lower cholesterol levels are linked with preventing heart disease and stroke. Studies are still in their preliminary stages, however.
  • OUR SUSHI GINGER is Fat Free, Sugar Free, No MSG, Kosher Parve under the supervision of the OK Kosher organization

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    Total Reviews (20)


    So far, so good. This product is great. It came quickly and it was exactly what I was looking for. Very good vendor. Thanks!

    Sherree A Davis

    This ginger is very good. It tastes just like the ginger you get in restaurants. I like the fact that it has 0 carbs in it. It is sweetened with Aspartame but it doesn't have an aftertaste probably because ginger has a very strong taste and it is pickled. Very good.If I was going to make a suggestion it would be to make this with Stevia instead of Aspartame. Ginger is good for you. If Stevia was used that would make it an even healthier food.


    This is good but fair warning it is a little sweeter than your average sushi ginger. I personally feel that unless paired with spicy sushi that the extra bit of sweet taste to the ginger is a bit out of place. Since I am a fan of spicy salmon sushi I will probably buy this again.


    As a long time lover of pickled ginger I found this product to be some of the best I've ever encountered. It has a great "fresh" flavor that is great to eat right out of the jar as an appetizer or as a compliment with other foods!!

    Lloyd McDaniel

    This Ginger is VERY good. the plastic bottles are tough, the taste of the root is clean and not messed with much.Good for your health!


    This is legit sushi ginger in sweet, pickled juice. Very close to what you find professionally, the other kinds I have bought on Amazon were either made in water and is fairly flavorless, or the bright pink shredded kind, which a sushi place would never serve.


    Soooo delicious, I love this pickled ginger, it tastes just like the ginger you eat at your favorite sushi resteraunt and the best part is your getting 2 jars for a great price, I am most definitely purchasing more soon, fast delivery, great seller, thank you so much for making such a delicious product, yep I did it, this product is soooooo delicious I reordered some more thank you again

    Jack Woodford

    Great taste, good color, fast shipping and I didn't have to drive all over town looking for it!


    Picked ginger is good for the gut. Cuts down on gas among other things. Plus, I really like the flavor and texture so tended to pig out on it at the buffet. Compared to that and some of the store bought picked ginger, though, this has a very red color which makes me wonder. The flavor is slightly different as well. Not bad, mind you, just slightly different. Not sure if I will buy this brand the next time but the price is attractive.


    Peeling ginger, as much as I love it, is one of my least favorite tasks. This is ready to go and delicious as a condiment or for cooking.. This will be either the second or third time I've ordered it.


    Yummy! I absolutely love Pickled Sushi Ginger. I buy Shrimp Tempura Rolls with extra Ginger on the side. When you ask for more Ginger they always pinch it out to you like it costs so much money. I love this Ginger. Glad I found it on Amazon. The taste is all the same as it is in the Sushi bars and restaurants. Yes Amazon!

    Jessica Ramer

    The product was shipped promptly and arrived in the time promised. The pickles taste good. The customer care provided by the company is excellent. Be aware that these sugar-free pickles contain aspartame. However, if you are okay with aspartame, these pickles are a good value because the price is quite reasonable.


    I would like to buy a larger size package. My son loves this and I bought a 3 pound plastic bag of this at a market that isn't close. I wish they had the same. These go fast with our sushi-loving family. I have made my own sushi and have all the equipment and needed items. Glad I can buy this online. My son eats this plain.

    Don F

    It tastes great. It is prepared well and in a healthy way. It has my preferred natural color instead of red. And, it is very reasonably priced.

    Greyci Lew

    I just love ginger, it’s good for you, however, I find it a little sweet, but that is just me. I am not a lover of sushi, so I used it in other dishes.Greyci Lew


    I was asked to review this Pickled Sushi Ginger, -in a word it's "GREAT" ! I USE it on my hot dogs,I use it on my brunswiger and eat it right out of the jar ! Also I eat it with my Kimchi soup ! Yeah really! It is Delicious ! You must try this,truly I mean it !you will not be disappointed. ! Price is right too! Enjoy !


    I developed a taste for pickled ginger when I worked at a sushi bar. This brand has great flavor and the price is excellent compared with supermarkets. The delivery was very fast -even with shipping during the holidays. I give this product, and seller, 5 stars.

    Joseph C. Dorsey

    The Pickled Gari Sushi Ginger we ordered is fantastic. It is great with both snacks and regular meals.; The best part is that is is sugar free. We ordered 4 bottles, hopefully, they will last us a while. I was very pleased with the fast delivery as I had emptied the small little bottle purchased from the Sushi Kiosk at the grocery store.


    I love the ginger. I have been looking for a product like this for a while.


    The ginger arrived on time. The flavor and texture are terrific. The only drawback is that it "finishes" with a bit of a bitter flavor. We have added a half-teaspoon of sugar to see it that kills the bitterness. We'll see!The added sugar did not kill the bitter aftertaste. Still enjoying.