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Primetime Petz 360 Configurable Dog Gate with Door – Indoor Freestanding Walk Through Wood Pet Gate

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  • FLEXIBLE CONFIGURATION: Hinges rotate 360º for unlimited configurations. Use as a gate at bottom of stairs, in doorways or in any other indoor location or make a self-contained stand-alone dog pen. Spans wide openings.
  • SAFE & SECURE: Rubber pads keep gate from sliding and protect floors from scratches. Door locks securely in place with spring-loaded bolt. One- handed latch for easy access.
  • EASY TO MOVE & STORE: Lightweight and easy to move. 360º hinges allow gate to fold for convenient storage.
  • CUSTOMIZE WITH ACCESSORIES: Create the perfect gate system to meet your needs with optional support feet and wall-mount kits for additional stability and extension kits to span extra wide openings.
  • QUALITY & VALUE: Primetime Petz has been a trusted name in top-quality pet furniture since 2008. We stand behind our products and want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase.

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    The look of this unit is great. The rich red mahogany type wood finish looks and feels elegant. The unit is pre-assembled so all you need to do is open the box and unfold it. I have mine braced on both ends and use it to keep a kitten in the room when the door is opened.Pros:1. Looks good2. Pre-assembled. No assembly required unless you want to reconfigure it.3. Solid. Self-supporting except with a heavy animal that could knock it over.4. Fair price for the qualityCons:1. The 3 side panels have wider spaces between the bars on the end. The spaces between bars on the end slots are 2 1/4".The spaces between bars not on the end slots are 1 3/4". This 1/2" width difference allows my cat to slip through the end slat whereas the cat won't fit through the 1 3/4" slat openings. The company needs to add one more vertical bar on the three side panels and this would reduce the openings where kittens could not slip through. Because of this, I have to put mesh on the panel to keep the cat from slipping through until it gets bigger. The cat that you see in the picture can slip through the larger openings but not the smaller opening. You can see the larger gap on the end on the 2nd photo. There are two of the larger gaps on each of the three panels. There are four panels including the door panel. This is why I deducted one star.2. Does not come with any type of floor anchor to keep it from tipping over in the event a reasonably large animal pushes it over.

    N. Brunk

    I recent adopted a dog. She's pretty much perfect except she's an escape artist. Baby girl was born to run free. I originally placed a low gate in front of the door to block access to it but on day 3 of her living with me, she launched over it and out the door when I had opened it to grab mail from the mailbox. Luckily I managed to grab her collar and haul her back in but I knew I was going to have to Alcatrazify the joint to keep her safe.I picked this gate because it was the tallest free standing gate I could find. I was very pleasantly surprised when I opened it and found it already assembled (excepting only the latch, which took 10 seconds max). The wood finish is very attractive. It fits the entryway perfectly. It's stable enough to withstand the fairly minor abuse my dog has dished out. It is a great solution to my problem. I wouldn't leave the door open for more than a few seconds - I suspect she could crack the code and work out an escape plan. But for quick comings and goings, it's perfect.If you wanted to use this to contain a larger, more boisterous dog, who would be unattended for a period of time, this might not withstand. But for caintsinment of my pretty chill dog, who's generally supervised, it's really great.


    We have a one year-old French Bulldog, and we live in apartment that has floor to ceiling windows. Since our dog was a small puppy, we've put him in a "playpen" in front of the windows when we left him alone. First we made his little space with his crate surrounded by a 30" tall puppy 8-panel wire enclosure gate, but after he hit the 10 month mark or so, it was clear he needed a little more floor space to play with toys or just look out the window. We no longer required a wrap-around gate - he'd matured enough to no longer attempt to eat the window coverings - so we basically needed a gate that could make an "L"-shape, with the gate in the middle of the whole length. The L would start at the front wall of his crate, run ~60", then turn a right angle and butt up against the window frame.Traditional enclosure gates, however, aren't flexible enough to work in the space we wanted to create. First, they're really designed to be stable when they are made as an enclosure, and second, the pass-through panel is always the end of the gate. This wasn't going to be convenient for ins-and-outs for us into the playpen for things like refilling his water bowl, cleaning his bedding, or just bringing him into the playpen with a treat before we locked him in. We needed a pass-through that was near the center of the whole length of the gate, not at the end.A lot of other gates looked nice, but were too short, too long, not overly customizable, or simply not designed to stand upright terribly well without being supported through wall or door-jamb attachment. We decided to take a chance on these - plus one two-panel expansion, though we only needed on extra panel - since their measurements were perfect, they were customizable as far as moving the gate, and as a bonus, they were attractive, too.We are not at all disappointed with our choice of gate. The four-panel gate comes out of the box comes fully assembled. After some of the other gates we've got that have required some fiddly assembly, it was a delight to just open up the box and have it ready to go. Adding on one more panel was a snap - we just needed a screwdriver to remove the necessary screws from one side of the hinge, and pre-drilled holes made it obvious where we could add the new panel on to the larger gate. We simply made sure to open the box neatly and have the spare panel and hardware stored away with neat packing. We figure in case any of the regular panels break, we have a replacement. I think it took us longer to break down the cardboard for our recycling bins than it did to set up the gate!We were worried that this wouldn't be stable enough on its own, but it has worked just fine. But if that had been an option, there are also the feet you can buy, so we figured that was a small risk. We have had to put a heavy doorstop at the end of the "L" near the window to keep the panel from moving and making a gap if he pushes against it with his toys, but that's a minor quibble. We have an attractive enclosure for our puppy that he can't open - or at least he doesn't try, to...I'm not sure a more determined and heavy dog might not be able to knock the gate over - and it should fold up to a very storable package in the future when we don't need to use it on a regular basis.So if you have a well-behaved small or medium dog you're looking to enclose in an area that's awkward and open, you should seriously consider these gates.

    Frugal shopper and wise investor

    We have cherry hardwood floors and an upscale entry way to our kitchen. The medal "yard" gate that we used to have was AWFUL for our home decor. I wanted something classy that could be left up at all times, yet functional. This fit the bill. I also bought the leg attachments to keep it sturdy because one of our dogs jumps sometimes. It works great together. The latch is easy to assemble, literally took me 3 minutes. Make sure you put the latch in so it's the longest way possible, giving your lock more medal to hold on to. Overall,this is a keeper!


    I looked at literally 30 different websites that sell gates trying to find one that didn't look like a dog kennel or a farm fence. This gate is a gorgeous piece of furniture. I purchased 2 gates for both entrances to my living room to keep the dog out. The height is perfect as a step over or one section has a door. The wood quality is very good and the color is a rich mahogany that matches all the furniture. It's easy to set up and take down when needed. Since the hinges bend both ways it can be made into different shapes.


    I needed a gate that would keep my 2 year old, 110lb. Newfoundland and 90 lb Golden Retriever out of the formal living room. I purchased two gates and they arrived in great condition. No assembly required. The dogs have not breached the gates and they look great and fold easily when we want them out of the way.


    This pet gate/barrier is the best one I have ever owned:Good:> it has a gate door that is fairly easy to open and walk through.> attractive furniture grade finish in dark cherry> its design allows you to configure for a lot of different situations> the hinges between the panel are the type that do not restrict your folding options. The panels swing a full 360 degrees on the hinges.> its 30 inches tall. A lot of them are lower and big doggies like mine could just step over them.> it expands to up to 72 inches wide.> you can buy additional panels for it if you need it wider.> you can buy feet for it if you need them to make it stable. You only need them if you are expanding it in a straight line for the full 72 inches. If you aren't doing that, you can create stability without the optional feet simply by creating one or more angles between the panels when you place it where you need it.> its lightweight and portable.Bad:> not rated to be used for infants & toddlers.> more expensive than I think it should be.> has one major design flawDesign Flaw:. If you buy the core unit without any extra's you get four panels. One of the middle panels has a gate door, with a built-in slide bolt that you use to open it. Since that panel doesn't have a solid attachment at the top, the side rail flexes too much where it attaches to the bottom rail. The slide bolt barely works and over time the flexing will get much worse and the door will not stay latched.. The design correction for this flaw for me will be to buy 2 small L brackets and some 1/2 inch screws, to reinforce that bottom corner. It will cost me a dollar or two and take about 5 minutes to install. It will fix the problem, but it will be an ugly addition to an otherwise nice piece of furniture, unless I paint them to match.. Given the high cost, and the high quality of the gate otherwise, I am very surprised that the manufacturer has not improved the design to eliminate this flaw. Its such an obvious flaw to anyone who actually uses the gate.Update - 2 months later:I did end up having to do the L bracket modification. It worked great and now the gate portion of this pet barrier is not so floppy and the side rail doesn't look like it will fall off. I'm keeping it at 4 stars instead of 5 simply because the manufacturer should be paying enough attention to product quality to see this obvious problem and fix it.Here's a picture. There is one of these L brackets on each side of the gate frame, at the bottom where it loosens up.

    Ashley Bouchard

    I got this gate because I run a dog vacay business and sometimes need to separate dogs. This does a good job blocking a space up to 60 inches wide, I definitely recommend getting the feet made for them to keep the gate sturdy. If you have a dog that paws at gates or jumps, this will get knocked over, it is more to just be a reminder of a barrier. I also use this to keep my dog from jumping on people as they come in the front door. I get lots of compliments on it because it is a beautiful gate. If you found this review helpful, please click yes :)

    Another Frequent Online Shopper

    This is a great quality solid wood (NOT that tinder-wood type of wood) gate that we have already found multiple uses for: to block doorways when we prefer to keep our dogs in the same part of the house with us; to use around the fireplace hearth to keep a baby from hurting herself on the stone hearth; and to use across a wide kitchen area when we are cooking & don't want to trip over dogs hoping we will drop something on the floor for them to eat. If you worry about people stepping over gates & falling, this one has a little doorway that easily opens for savvy adults & older kids. Babies & younger toddlers wouldn't be able to figure out how to open the latch, but older kids will be fine using it, too. The opener is a latch that then depresses a 'nub' that you lift a certain way to disengage it, then it will pop back into place when you close it. In other words, the latch has child-safety in mind. Dog safety too, since I had a dog that learned how to use door handles!Do keep in mind that this gate is free-standing: it is better for use with smaller dogs, and you could anchor it with something if you need to in a pinch, but if you are primarily using it for a larger dog that will likely jump up on it, it probably isn't the gate you are looking for; nor would it stop a baby from pulling on it or pushing it down, once they figure that out--and you don't want to risk this falling on a small child. However, doorways have a door-jam that the side of it can anchor against, which gives us the peace of mind we need for our purposes. Again, more would be needed (such as the type of gate that has a tightening bar that securely & tightly locks the gate into a door-frame) if you aren't using it just for little pets.This gate also has a nice feature for wood floors: the bottom does not scrape on the floor, and is nicely padded on the bottom. Thank you for that! It is an attractive gate that isn't an eyesore. The accordion-style is great, because you can make it smaller & just fold it back on itself out of the way, or you can stretch it out longer as needed.

    B_Mor in KG

    This is perfect! I wanted something that would deter my 5 dogs, weight range 60lbs to 110lbs , from the formal living room without it looking like a kennel from the foyer point of view. And I didn’t want to deal with a baby gait, either, but was willing to go that route as the lesser of the two eyesores. Bingo! Found this and it is beautiful!! AND . . . Ding ding ding! Is a fabulous deterrent. Sturdy but lightweight enough to easily fold and move at a moments notice, also has a gate that is easily opened/closed with one hand. I did purchase the “foot” holders but they are not needed at this point. It has been bumped into, knocked against and it has not fallen over.


    I also reviews the two-panel extension -- love both! I wanted something more decorative than the typical tension gate and I am not disappointed at all. This separates a large opening from our living room to dining room. When our dogs are not here (they belong to our grown kids), it folds very nicely out of the way and sits between a large china cabinet and the wall. The pretty wood makes it look like it belongs there, not just an addition.Very stable. There is a gate in it, however, you can easily move one of the side panels to maneuver around it. We purchased the optional "feet" which lends to higher stability. It came fully assembled, btw. There is a warning on it that says it is for pets and not for children -- I'm thinking that they don't want the liability in case a child figured out how to move it around. There doesn't seem to be anything "dangerous" on it.


    I bought two, and created one long fence with two gate openings for my entryway. I've had this product in my home for a year and a half now, and I absolutely love it. My dog is a classic "door darter," but we've had zero incidents since we put up this pet gate. As a bonus, there was one leftover panel, which we sometimes prop horizontally in front of the laundry room -- it fits perfectly in the doorframe, as though it was made for the space, and my dog is too dumb to realize that it's just leaning there unaffixed. 😄

    CA Sunshine

    Purchased two of these gates to replace adjustable gates that may slide but do not fold down. These are much easier to maneuver and store. They are good quality but one of our gates had one spindle a bit curved or bent. The doors worked fine and what a great addition since they are 30" high and even at 5'8" it is hard to step over them so again the gate is perfect. You want to open the gate towards the side with hinges to get more of an opening. They have rubber feet and will stand up on own if slightly bent at the join areas. For a heavy dog you may need the additional stabilizers which I ordered and may need for our large heavy cat but not the Yorkie. We loved out other gates but they can't be folded or flattened so we stored them in the garage and they take up so much room, bringing them in we'd have to be careful not to ding the walls. I hope these hold up but no reason to think they won't with our heaviest pet weighing in about 18 lbs.Update: I am returning the stabilizing feet as my pets are not heavy enough to knock these over based on how I set them up. If you extend your gates fully I would recommend them or if you have larger pets that may jump and knock them over. Hands down, the best dog gates ever for so many reasons.

    Catherine Myers

    Nicely finished and the right size for my space. But these will not hold a large or even medium sized dog, a rambunctious puppy or determined dog of any size. My very small (under 15 lbs) cooperative dogs respect the gates and they stay out of where I put them. I like them because they look like furniture and are not too huge and intrusive. I like the door very much when it's just me at home so I don't have to fold up the whole gate, but I have learned to take them down entirely when we have company because people invariably trip over the bottom span of the door. I did not purchase the stabilizers because my gates have to go on tile right next to carpet and I didn't think the stabilizers would be very stable in that situation. But these gates probably should be used with stabilizers. They lean and put a lot of stress on the hinges if you leave the door open. and they have fallen over a couple of times. I purchased two gates and overall am happy with them for my purposes and with my dogs.

    Mary Hilton

    We bought this fence w gate two years ago and had another space which needed this option, as well. The original one has held up so well that I ordered it again. It is much cheaper than others that I’ve seen and yet it looks so nice!!We’re using this to “hold back” 2 Labrador retrievers, so it’s a good height and holds up to head bumps, lol.I absolutely 100% recommend this!!

    Gale E Wiens

    Love it. Love it. Love it. I needed something to allow the kitties to get to their litter box, but also block their entrance to my home office. We have the unit in an L shape, one side close to the wall, the other close to my desk, so it’s not going to move or tip over. It looks so much better than the piece of cardboard that I was using previously, and I’m no longer embarrassed for anyone to see my home office. Someone had posted a 1 star review, stating it could easily be moved or knocked over by their dog. For a few bucks more, the optional stabelizing feet or wall anchor kit would fix that problem. For us, free standing is working out very well.


    Although I would not use this as a main child gate or when out of the room (as stated by manufacturer), this gate is fantastic for my situation. We as grandparents have a split level home and the railing at the top of our stairs does not match the wall across from it in that any gate we attached would not work as it would be at an angle. We wanted something we could put up and remove easily but would keep the grandkids away from the stairs when they visit. This is perfect and since it is not attached we can use it around the house or out in the yard to keep the little ones away from certain areas. You can expand it or fold it up to gate off certain areas. The product is very nice looking and came very well packaged. I would definitely buy the "feet" that go with it as it helps stabilize the gate and make it more steady. We use a rope to tie one end to our railing and we anchor the other end behind a couch as it does fold into different positions. When the grandkids leave we cut the rope and store it away in the closet.


    Love love love! Works great for blocking our 3 dogs from jumping and crowding the front door when people come to the door. Dogs are really good with understanding body language, so with this gate you can "herd" (like a farm animal) your dog(s) with the gate, which in my case is the front door. All I have to do is swing one of the sides to gather them in opposite room besides the doorway. We have a Golden/Chow mix, ShihTzu and Pomeranian. Our large dog & other large dog friends do not push or knock it over, they respect the gate. Another reason this gate is great is the it swings easily open from the sides. We do not use the door latch bc it unscrewed at some point and never screwed back in correctly. I supposed I could've asked for a replacement but knowing my rough family it would just break again. Most of the dogs I work with at my home prefer (I prefer it as well) to go around the sides of the gate and not the door. The gate folds up and stores easily. It's also not heavy to move around. We've had it for almost two years now without it ever falling or hurting any human or dog. I do want to add that with dogs that are super strong/big/jump, they could knock this down if its not leaning correctly. I believe this gate is more appealing to the eye then your standard gates. I have had many clients ask where I bought the gate bc they want one after seeing ours. I came on here about a year and half after owning it to now buy the extension for it! Its durable and not cheaply made.


    Very convenient gate and the door makes for easy access. We go through the gate at least 5-10 times a day and have had no issues with any of the mechanisms. We have only used this during spring and summer so winter is coming.... it’s a nice looking piece and goes well on our deck. For a bit more money there is two stabilizing feet for the bottom which help to make the gate sturdy if stretch out to its limit.


    Just a Stunning Gate! I am truly impressed with the quality of this gate. I searched and researched I don't know how many different gates before settling on this one. I overthink everything it's true. But had I known how incredibly easy to set up straight out of the box and how very beautiful it is, I would have bought it the first time I found it. I found it on multiple websites but I chose Amazon b/c of Prime 2 day shipping and just my comfort level with this company. And the fact that they offered it at the most competitive price didn't hurt either. The gate arrived early this morning. I've had a number of things go wrong today and I really didn't want to deal with putting this gate up. I hopped on Amazon and looked for a very specific question on this product and there it was. It is already assembled right out of the box! I heard a chorus of angels. The clouds formed images of the prophets. I opened the box. Good God, it's beautiful... and assembled! I arranged it around the steps at the top of my staircase (the area for which it was purchased) and added the extra feet ($20 and worth every penny for those worried about it possibly being toppled over). It took me longer to haul the box to the garage for the trash man, than it did to set it up, literally. It is a beautiful piece of furniture just as so many reviewers have already said. I have 2 dogs. One is a 17# Shih Tzu and the other is a 7# Morkie pup. She will most definitely test its sturdiness as much as she jumps when she's excited. This was the reason I purchased the optional feet. I'm glad I got them. They definitely add a lot of stability to the already sturdy, well made gate. I do wish it came in white, as my entire home has white moldings. But color is really secondary to it's functionality. I have 2 more areas in my house that will be needing a gate. I wanted to be sure we liked it before buying for the other areas. I will be purchasing the same product for these other places around the home. All that said, this is a free standing gate and a larger, stronger, more rambunctious dog may be able to shove it around, if properly motivated. If I had a big 50# boxer or a rottweiler I may have opted for a gate that has to be attached to a wall. I think this gate will serve us well for a very long time.