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Purple Pillow - Supportive Pillow That is Gentle On Your Spine So Your Head Can Relax Into The Pillow - Cooler and More Supportive Than A Memory Foam Pillow

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  • ***THE PURPLE PILLOW NO LONGER INCLUDES THE ADJUSTABLE BOOSTER.*** PERFECT FORM PILLOW - The Purple Pillow by Purple Innovations is made with Hyper-Elastic Polymer arranged in a head-specific Smart Comfort Grid so it will never break down or lose its carefully formed shape. Our Purple pillows for sleeping are firm around the edges to give gentle support, yet soft and head-conforming in the middle for maximum comfort all sleep long.
  • BEST NECK PILLOW - Our pillow is made with hundreds of tiny triangles that let the pillow relax under pressure without losing support. The reinforced edges give your neck extra comfort all night. The white cover is made of polyester, spandex, and bamboo products to keep your face and neck cool and comfortable. Take it with you on the go as a travel pillow so you never lose sleep again.
  • NO FLUFF PURPLE STUFF - With Purple bed pillows, you will never have to fluff your pillow again. Our patented design keeps its perfect pillow shape without punching. Our pillows support every kind of sleeper, whether you prefer to sleep on your side or back. Other pillows can lose their shape, causing you to wake up with a sore neck after a fitful night of sleep. Rest easy with the Purple Pillow.
  • FREE-FLOW AIR CHANNELS - The Free Air Flow technology with breathable channels neutralizes temperatures and won’t trap heat like memory foam pillows. Our pillow neutralizes temperatures to keep your head and neck perfectly comfortable. The two founding brothers of Purple Innovations have over 30 years combined experience with advanced aerospace technology and cushion design manufacturing expertise.
  • ANTIMICROBIAL PILLOW - Naturally Antimicrobial with no artificial germicides, the materials used protect against allergens and dust mites. Our patented Hyper-Elastic Polymer is FDA-certified for safe use, and our foam has been certified by the CertiPUR-US­ Certified program, so you can be sure that the materials are completely safe. Every side is the best side of the pillow with Purple. ***THE PURPLE PILLOW NO LONGER INCLUDES THE ADJUSTABLE BOOSTER.***

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    Total Reviews (20)

    Rob W

    I never thought a pillow could weigh as much as this does, but holy schnikies is it comfy! By far this pillow beats out my memory foam, down and foam/gel pillows, and whatever other filling they use. It stays cool, does not loose its shape and is just like no other pillow I've ever tried. I'll be ordering another for my guest bedroom, it is that good!Want a good nights sleep, get a Purple Pillow, you will love it!

    Pixie Queen

    I've been suffering from neck pain for nearly 2 years. Replaced my mattress, but the pillows it came with were gigantic, overstuffed, and caused my head to shift out of alignment way too far causing yet more pain.I finally caved and bought this pillow. Any dollar amount was worth reducing my pain. I'm fairly tiny at 4'11" and 120 lbs. It's the most amazing thing I've laid my head on.I made my husband try it out, (6'0" 190lbs) and I almost didn't get my pillow back. So I just ordered him his own.


    It's a decent, cool temp pillow. I really wish there had been instructions or a notice of the white powder packing material. I had to hose it down with water twice, vacuum it, and wipe it with dust cloths to get most of that powder off. Otherwise, it is a nice, unique pillow as advertised.

    walter danzeisen

    I bought this pillow for my girlfriend. I bought her a MyPillow first just because I hadn't heard of the purple company at the time. Really expensive but worth the money best pillow she's ever had she says BIG 5 STARS⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐😀


    It's ashamed that by default, the new reviews are not listed first. It seems that a lot of the negative reviews here are about the inflatable insert that was done away with. If you are seeing these come up first, I would suggest that you filter the reviews by the newest first so that you read reviews that do not include issues with the insert.I've only slept on this for a few nights, so I may update my 5 start rating later if things change. However, I'm very glad that I ignored the negative reviews and gave Purple a shot. I'm not insinuating that the negs are wrong, but pillows are one of the most subjective products that we purchase and you really shouldn't base your decision to try one based on someone else's experience.I'm 6'2 and weight around 190lbs. I'm disabled from extensive nerve and spinal cord damage and a chronic pain patient. Needless to say, a good night's sleep is hard to achieve under the best of conditions. I recently discovered that I have a cracked vertebra in the middle of my neck, so that makes finding the right sleeping position even more difficult. For over three months now, I've barely had any sleep and when I wake up, I have a horrible headache and really severe pain in my neck and shoulders. Because of the new problem with my neck, I was very hesitant to invest in another expensive pillow. Now, I say expensive though I do not believe that $99 is expensive for something that you sleep on nearly every day of your life. I know people that spend more than that on a single pair of jeans and don't even blink. If I'm going to pay thousands for a good mattress, why would I want to cheap out on a pillow?Being that I have rather broad shoulders, I always assumed that I needed a thicker pillow for back an side sleeping, After reading the reviews about how thin the Purple is, I almost didn't try it. I own several expensive pillows of every imaginable type, and most of those are very thick. After sleeping a few nights on the Purple Pillow, I can now see that my thicker pillows were putting my neck in bad positions. The angle when sleeping on my side was too steep and when I slept on my back, which is my preferred position, my airway was actually being restricted by the sever tilt caused by the pillow. The Purple Pillow keeps my neck and spine perfectly aligned, whether sleeping on my back or side and my breathing but much improved. I didn't jolt awake from the apneas that are caused by insufficient airflow when sleeping.One thing that I should mention is that I sleep on a VERY expensive, all natural latex mattress that I purchased a few years ago. It is absolutely the best mattress that I have ever slept on, and I've owned several of the high-end brands including the top of the line Tempur-Pedic and Sleep Number beds. My mattress allows my entire body and broad shoulders to sink in just enough that I am able to sleep comfortably on my back and side even with such a thin pillow. So it entirely possible that if I didn't own such a good mattress the pillow might, in fact, be too thin. I suspect that Purple created this pillow to use with their mattress to achieve the best results. I believe the key to the best possible sleep is in owning a pillow and mattress that work together. If you are sleeping on a cheap, overly soft or overly firm mattress, you may never get a good night's sleep no matter how much spend on a pillow, no matter how thick, or thin, or what material its made from. If something ever happened to my current mattress, I would probably give the Purple mattress a try. If it's as comfortable as the pillow, it may be a winning combo. I would encourage any of my fellow sufferers of poor sleep who cannot seem to find the perfect pillow to take a look at your mattress and make sure it's not the culprit before wasting more money away on pillows.If you do own a mattress that allows your body and shoulders to sink in just the right amount, I highly recommend giving the Purple Pillow a try. Mine arrived in great shape and I have not been bothered by any chemical smell. What I was able to smell dissipated very quickly. I will also note that, as one who sleeps VERY hot, this pillow kept my head nice and cool all night long. A lot of other reviewers have complained about the weight and I agree; it is heavy for a pillow. However, this is not the kind of pillow that needs to be re-positioned and fluffed throughout the night, so once it's in place, you really don't have to mess with it much. And if a 10lb pillow is too much to handle when making the bed or changing your sheets, you might want to consider hitting the gym a couple of days a week. Just sayin'...


    I wanted a week before reviewing this, just in case it worked at first but ended up losing its efficiency in a couple of days. It didn't.To preface, I would have headaches at least twice a week because of neck tension due to my pillows + the way I sleep. As a side sleeper, I would also often wake up with a pinch in my shoulder that would cause numbness or tenderness with certain movements of my arm.Presentation:It's HEAVY compared to what you would expect from normal pillows. The pillow came in a pretty cool, see through, plastic, cylinder case. It also came in a white case with a zipper in the back. If there was a strong, chemical smell in the past incarnations of this, there wasn't one now. There was a slight smell but as soon as I put a pillow case on it and fell asleep, I forgot all about it and it wasn't there in the morning. I haven't opened the case it comes with so if there's the fine powder people complained about before, I wouldn't know.Efficiency:It's flat. I doubled it up with a 'memory foam' pillow that I've had forever and it worked fine. It feels odd and when I first laid down on it and rolled to my side to get comfortable, I habitually tried to pull the pillow with me. It's heavy so its not something you can easily do when you're half asleep. However, I didn't have to adjust through the night. In fact, I didn't wake up at all through the first night where usually I wake up and toss and turn and readjust about 2-3x a night. I've had full nights of sleep since, with just one night that I woke up at 2-3AM because I needed to use the bathroom.When I got up I had no neck tension or shoulder stiffness the first night and while I was amazed, I was reserved and wanted to see what it would be like a few days later. It was the same. Its still the same, and this pillow is NOT like the other foam pillows that get hot through the night. It stays nice and cool! This is day 8 headache free and free from the dull tension and pull in my suboccipitals. I'm definitely going to start saving for a Purple mattress


    This pillow has given me the best sleep I’ve gotten in a long long time. I toss and turn a lot in my sleep, so having a weighted pillow that stays put as I roll around has been wonderful. It’s just squishy enough to mold to my head and neck but firm enough to offer support. It took some getting used to as far as texture but after an hour of laying on it I swore I’d never go back to just regular pillows again.A couple notes:-I do wish it were thicker - I put it on top of another very flat pillow to add some height.-It’s an average pillow size, but I wish it were narrower. It’s most comfortable when your shoulders are off the pillow with your neck on it, but because it’s regular pillow sized that pushes your whole body toward the foot of your bed. I’m a tall guy so that’s tough.-I have not noticed any smell or powder problems mentioned in other reviews! If you stick your nose straight into it, it smells a bit rubbery but definitely not noticeable for me unless I’m looking for it.Buy this pillow. Try it. They have a great return policy if you don’t like it, but honestly I don’t think you’ll need that policy once you’ve given it a shot.


    This pillow is a total game changer! I replace my pillow every few months because they lose their shape or are no longer comfortable. We have a purple mattress that we love so I decided to give the pillow a try and couldn't be happier. As some reviews say, it does arrive with a bit of a chemical smell (similar to the mattress) but it quickly dissipates. The pillow is very flat but forms wonderful to my head and neck while staying super cool. As a side sleeper I was skeptical this style of pillow would work for me but have zero regrets and am purchasing a second one for my husband.

    Kylie Blakemore

    I had always had problems with my pillows in the past. They were always too firm, causing my neck to be wrenched upwards.. or too soft with absolutely no support. With all of these causing terrible neck pain, sleepless nights, and headaches... I decided to try the Purple Pillow to give one last shot on improving my sleep. The first night I slept on the Purple Pillow, I was absolutely blown away by the amount of support it gave me and it cradled my head all night without losing its form! I’m 19 years old and was having so much pain in the mornings from my pillow. But this purchase is one of the best investments I’ve made and I would recommend this product to anyone!


    I know there have been good & bad reviews so I waited at least a week to try it before reviewing. I love this pillow I am mostly a back sleeper sometimes im on my side & its been perfect for both . Ive not had any neck pains with this pillow & have been sleeping better. Im in the beginnings of summer & this pillow has kept my head cool. There has been reviews about a smell & yes when you first open it there is a rubber smell . The smell was gone within 2 days so no big deal . The pillow doesnt feel like a traditional pillow at the touch but you dont feel it while sleeping. Im actually thinking about getting the mattress when Im due for a new one . Dont try to use this for pillow fights 😝 ! This pillow is heavy duty .


    So I've always had a hard time trying to find the "right" pillow due to the fact that I have chronic neck pain. I tried My pillow and miracle bamboo and they all ended up going to relatives and I continued to use the same body pillow that I'd had sense I was in middle school. I've seen a million of the purple ads but it was hard to justify the 100$ and the fact that it had a solid 3.3 review that I had seen here on Amazon. The only reason that I had to give it a 4 star was because of 2 reasons, first off there was a smell to it that can only be described as the smell of walking into a high school chemistry class. And 2nd, there were a few rips and places where it looked like it fully hadn't molded. But DON'T let that discourage you. Even with the smell I was able to talk to the customer service for purple and they gave me a method on how to treat the problem and for the imperfections in the pillows looks, you don't even see them due to the pillow case so it really doesn't matter. The pillow is very supportive but also very soft and people of them complain that it's pretty heavy but I happen to like that because it doesn't shift around during the night. Now I have a use for one of the old memory foam pillows i got because my purple pillow sits right on top of it due to the fact that I like a little higher of a pillow placement. All I can say is thank you purple. I have high hopes for your products and am also considering one of the purple seat cushions!!

    T. Raynor

    This purchase was for my 2nd Purple pillow. I've had one for about 15 months. My Lady recently tried & decided she loves it. It's a good length, but not quite long enough for two, so I bought her one. She's extremely happy with it. I'm still happy with mine and it feels just the same is it did when I got it. I will say it's slightly different than the one I got way back. I'll try to get a comparison pic later. The color is a little lighter, it might be just a titch softer (if I squeeze both simultaneously I can tell but otherwise not when sleeping), doesn't come with any kind of booster (foam or inflatable), and the outer cloth cover is a little different. There is less talcum powder on it the pillow itself. I mention this because people complain about it too much IMO. It comes in a tightly rolled burrito; this keeps it from sticking to itself & tearing when you unroll it. It's there, it's necessary, just be aware & don't dump it anywhere you shouldn't!Now to address some of the negative bits that I've seen in other reviews and are absolutely not true (for me!)... I hope no one takes these all-encompassing "if you're an x sleeper it will/won't work" reviews seriously. I am a side/back sleeper, have tight muscles in my neck leading to neck, shoulder, & back pain, and this pillow is great. Just remember, if it doesn't work for one person, it doesn't mean it won't work for everyone. It provides great support for me...i.e. just enough & not too much under my neck and head. It doesn't sink excessively like memory foam, or make me sweat like crazy. Its heaviness is nice because it doesn't move much, and when I need it to move it slides easily enough (you have to pull it, not push it).There are 2 reasons it might not work for someone: It's too thick, or too narrow. No pillow can work for everyone; for proper side sleep fit, it has to match the distance from the edge of your shoulder to your neck, and then get narrower or have extra give for the head. These distances change notably for back sleeping, and depending on your individual neck depth (affected by spinal curvature). By definition it means one pillow can't work for more than one sleeping position (unless it had a different edge made for each). If it's too short for you on your back, maybe you've just got an extra-curved neck, and need a booster (or a thicker pillow). If you're one of the lucky few with a still-straight neck in our stare-down-at-your-phone-all-day world, it may be too thick. Fortunately for me, it works just right for both side and back. I can even put a hand or my forearm under my head or neck without it being too thick. I'm told I have slightly broader than average shoulders. I'm mostly a side sleeper and it puts me in perfect alignment, making all neck pain go away (my basis of comparison is when I feel all ooey-gooey straight after a round of orthopedic neck massage). Interestingly enough, my Lady is slimmer (petite) & has better neck posture than me, and she thinks it's great too.We sleep on a Purple mattress, so this may have an effect on how much our shoulders sink relative to the pillow's thickness for head/neck.


    I know this is just a pillow, but I love this pillow. I did my research before I decided to pay $100 for it. It is amazing, but pillows are very personal so I would suggest trying it out. It’s best for a back sleeper who does not like a fluffy pillow, but doesn’t want a super dense one either. I am a back sleeper and would wake up in the morning with the pillow I used to sleep with on the floor because I couldn’t get the right thinness and comfort. The purple pillow took a little bit to get used to, but now I sleep so much better and that can kinda change your life if you have sleeping issues. I washed it before using it and bought new pillowcases for it (it fits a queen pillow case fine) and it comes with a travel bag that is actually very convenient when I travel by car; would not suggest using it while traveling by plane because of its weight. The weight is close to 10lbs, but I actually really like that attribute because it prevents me from moving it in my sleep as easily. The only down side is the price (but I think it’s worth more if it fixes your sleeping problems), and that you cannot use this pillow to prop yourself up in bed if you were to be lounging because it is not thick or dense enough without other types of pillows. I am going to by two more for my bed as well as try one of the purple mattresses because I think the company is amazing. Very high quality and innovative. I recommend this to everyone.

    Michael Kenny

    So I kept seeing these adds for purple products, and was intrigued. I made my way to a mattress firm, where they have them on display, sunk into a delicious Purple #3 mattress on a purple pillow and next thing I know, a woman who smelled of her deli sandwich she must have just swallowed was tapping my arm to wake me up. I am a snorer, but in my defense there wasn't anyone else there when I layed down... I had a bit of an audience when I woke up, but I digress. The bed was not in my budget, although my 15+ year old mattress has seen better days. Honestly a $100 pillow has never been in my budget either, but it was an experience unlike any other. I hemmed and hawed for a week or two, and finally caved and ordered the pillow from amazon, knowing it wouldn't be an issue to return it if i had buyers remorse, or if i was just completely exhausted that day in the Mattress Firm, and it did not deliver the same $100 magic.So, the first two nights, I admit, were a bit rough. I'm a side sleeper so I really couldn't figure out how to make that work. It is flatter than my other pillows in the past, and the weight of a large slab of beef... You can't drive a truck like a go-kart... same concept. So once I stopped thinking about this head support apparatus for sleep (HSAS) as the pillow I have known for 38 years, it all started to click. By night 4, I was sleeping, still on my side, more comfortably than I have for years. I always have been a tosser and turner and usually wake up with something aching from the shoulders up... well no more. I am almost 2 months in and there is no going back.The one major warning I have is DO NOT brag to your family about how awesome your purple pillow is unless you have the cash on hand to go get them one too. I made that mistake... I love my wife and kids. I do! But don't mess with Daddy's HSAS (see above). If i am not in bed or get up for something, they are on it like flies on rice... rice on... THEY STEAL IT! My son is 7, so he goes to bed a few hours before me... why not let him fall asleep on it? It does stay cool, so I don't have to worry about his hot melon steaming my pillow. But, he's a drooler. Don't tell him I said so, but he is a deep sleeper and a mouth breather, so the two combined sometimes make for a soggy combo... he is his mother's son... well, not on my HSAS! I stood my ground, and for once was victorious. My purple pillow is my man cave. It is the one thing in my house that is truly mine and everyone has learned to respect that. And I always win at pillow fights now, so that's cool.

    Austin Birrell

    I have tried several pillows trying to find one that did not make my neck feel sore in the morning. I had the MyPillow and thought it was too "fluffy" and curved my neck. I tried several other cheaper pillows trying to find one I loved. I caved and finally purchased a Purple Pillow because my friend said it was amazing.It's unlike any pillow I've slept on before.It's heavy first of all! If you're trying to bring this on an airplane this is the only thing you'd be able to put in your checked baggage. Also, it does smell when you first open it. It smells of a chemical or something I have no idea, but Purple says it is completely safe. I read reviews how the smell lasted weeks. On night two when I went to lay down the smell was gone (thank heavens). It is a thin pillow and may complain about some booster thing being gone, however, I think the height of the pillow now is perfect. I sleep on my back and side primarily. The only downside to this pillow I have found is that it is not great for propping up against your back board of the bed to sit up in--not a problem though because I have all those other pillows that can do the trick.100% my neck felt no stiffness since I have been sleeping on the purple pillow. I can honestly say that I love this pillow. It is expensive, but I use a pillow for 8+ hours everyday for years so it is worth the investment. If you are not satisfied with you pillow now then get this!

    Eric ochsner

    it's pretty comfy, wouldn't exactly say its for everyone, like if you got bad neck problems or whatever, just from the perspective of an average guy. the pillow is a little low. i mean i put a cheap $2.00 walmart pillow under it and now it sits up just fine. some people said it smells bad at first, i mean yeah it kinda had a weird little manufacturing chemical smell at first but i washed it off in my shower and dried it and it was all good. i mean i can't really complain. i'm not some kinda of mega product review critic. but id'e say it's pretty decent, not gonna say its $100 decent. id'e say maybe 50-60 bucks decent. it's definitely over priced a little bit but i'm not gonna lie i've enjoyed it it's helped me sleep a little bit better too. just as a regular guy who wanted a nice pillow id'e say it's not bad at all its kinda nice.

    Damien G.

    So I really like the purple pillow, as with food or comedy it is subjective. I'd say if in doubt give it a try if not then send it back.What I will only give 1 star however is the bad advertising. My pillow came with no boosters. At first there was the blow up one thenthe additional pads and now nothing at all.BUT my biggest issue is to find that 1 side fo the pillow is glued to a purple fabric mat which cannot be removed to assist with cleaningthe awful smell. I contacted support and no I did not get a lemon that is how they are making them. It would be nice if they would letcustomers know this instead of wasting my time to call support. Update the pictures of something!


    Most unique pillow I've ever had. Not to mention most expensive. Saying that, I love love love this pillow. Worth everyone penny in my opinion. It's like sleeping on a jello mold. I get it, not every person will find it comfy. It's a bit low, some people like a pillow with more height. But it works for me. And with the purple brand technology I've never woken up with a cooler head. I used to wake up with sweat all the time. Not now that I've invested in this pillow. I was worried about the whole powder thing, but I actually washed off the pillow in the shower first to get rid of a lot of the powder. Cant get it all, but I tried. But I never see any come out, so eh...goal accomplished.


    no idea about support for the pillow yet, i assume good. Anyways;-overall this pillow is decently heavy, do not carry it around unless you're cool with about 5-10 pounds to carry around like me-very squishy and seems resilient as i toss and turn a lot as i sleep and move the pillow around-keeps head decently cooler than any other pillow i used in past.-Annoying that if dirty you can machine wash the pillow case, but you must hand wash the purple squishy pillow by hand. Using basic cleaning products like shampoo seemed to work for cleaning it decently, but drying the pillow takes a long time if you just air it out so i simply used a hair dryer for any where around 10-15 minutes to dry it out completely.-material is strong and semi stretchy.(one side has a thin pad like thing to lay your head on, i prefer using the opposite side of the pillow as i find it more squishy yet firm and cool.

    Donna De Soto

    Wow, I love this pillow. However, the catch is in use to sleeping flat. If you are not you'll hate this pillow.I do so I love it!! I also personally guarantee you'll win any pillow fight add this is one heavy sucker!!