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S.Pellegrino Sparkling Natural Mineral Water, 33.8 fl oz. (Pack of 12)

$47.99 $17.16 Free Shipping
Limited quantity available / 148 sold

  • Sparkling water imported from Italy
  • Crisp and clean taste pairs well with any meal
  • Zero calories, low sodium, and no artificial colors or flavors
  • Naturally enriched with calcium, magnesium, and mineral salts

  • 9

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    Total Reviews (20)

    Rani Lueder

    Oh my gawd, this is my very favorite of all the mineral waters. So much better than Perrier. I read somewhere in a newspaper health article that Pellegrino undergoes huge pressure for centuries, moving very slowly from one cavern to another. I may describe it poorly, but it is really good for you (I take it to help my bones among other things) and it tastes great.I haven't spent a great deal of time trying to understand the issues, but there's pretty strong research that it's better for your health to eat alkaline foods - or rather foods that are alkalizing. The calcium and magnesium make this an alkaline food.

    B. Marold

    What can I say. Compared to supermarket prices, if you have Prime, this is an excellent price for this water, better than and cheaper than Perrier. Only drawback is that San Pellegrino is now owned by Nestle... but the water comes from Italy, not California.

    kb in Washington

    We were buying the glass bottle version at the big-box store, but it is so heavy to tote home! I convinced my husband to try these, and see how great it is to have the case delivered to our door by Amazon! Yeah, we're both happy, and we don't have to lug the case of glass bottles home! Win-win!UPDATE: According to the Customer Q&A section the manufacturer says this water is 5.3 to 5.6 or so. It says they add carbon dioxide for the carbonation, which becomes carbonic acid when dissolved in water. If 5.6 is correct, that makes this very acidic, which is not healthy at all--especially if you are eating acidic foods like we all do, like meats for instance. Major bummer. My husband loves this water and drinks it all day long. I'm going to try to encourage him to add an alkalizer to the water, something like "Ph10Max", or "AlkazOne", both of which are available on Amazon, and are unflavored drops you can use to alkalize the water. I'm not sure how well that addition will go with him or the water (don't even know yet if it will make the water go flat), but I'm going to see if he will try it.


    I drink all kinds of carbonated beverages. Didn't realize I actually LOVE Pellegreno. The carbonation is different than traditonal factory soda pop type.It's a tad less strong carbonation, but it is just right and does not disapte the moment you unseal the large bottle.


    I LOVE This Stuff... Has The Purrfect Amount & Strength of Bubbles! And the large bottle stays bubbly through the 3 servings I drink over a day or 2! NO MORE Zypherhills (or Arrowhead or whoever, depending on where you live)! And if you Catch The Price at $13.98 (which I Always Do!), The Cost Cannot Be Beat! OH, And, Delivery To My Front Door For Prime FREE... It's The Ultimate! I Wish Prime included vacuuming At MY House!

    JM from SC

    Some people argue that water has no taste. Well, those people's taste buds are shot. Water tastes differently, according to the mineral content of different water brands.San Pellegrino is one of my favorites (but not THE favorite). I have developed a preference of San Pellegrino over Perrier (which I used to be a fan of at one time.) These two are the most known brands sparkling water in the US. I've tried store brands in the US, but just save your money and drink filtered tap water instead.For those who like San Pellegrino, try Gerolsteiner from Germany, or Apollinaris. My favorite is Rosport Blue - sparkling water from the great small country of Luxembourg. The carbonation is not as strong (smaller bubbles... if that makes sense). Unfortunately, those are harder to find (Gerolsteiner, Apollinaris) if not impossible (Rosport).


    Really like this sparkling water. It is a crisp, unsweetened mineral water which quenches my thirst here in hot Texas. So nice to get away from sugar and artificial sweeteners. Plastic bottles are BIG.

    Olivia T.D.

    Great deal! I had missed drinking sparkling water at every meal like I did at home in Europe, and sparkling water in the US can be super expensive. This is a great price for a great brand and the bottles are the right size to slip into your bag.

    Llda Schellhase

    Very tasty with a lot of fizz. I use 2/3rd"s of this to 1/3 water for my lemonade because it is a little too feisty. Raised from $6.00 plus to $9.00 plus so I will probably buy it from the grocery store. But the shipping convenience was nice.

    Vero Veritas

    First of all I want to say the following:To all the 1 star reviewers that are unfairly venting their frustrations out, you are not being fair if the product lost its fizz or sustained damage in transport as the latter has nothing to do with the quality of product itself but more so with the knuckleheads who do the deliveries!I ordered my first case here which is considerably cheaper -40%! than in my local grocery store Safeway in San Francisco!I like the Pellegrino because it's a pleasant sparkling water, compared to others with a subtle faint hint of sweetness, with not to aggressive or harsh neither to weak carbonization, a very low-sodium very drinkable natural sparkling mineral water. the dissolved mineral contents is 854 mg/L. The full analysis as well as the story about Pellegrino you can read at their name sake website.


    Again, I feel bad for my mailman. I'm really sorry, bro. I bet you hate me when you smile at me through the door.Everything was perfect with the contents, but the box arrived broken and disheveled. That's what I get for making my mailman deliver a box of water to my doorstep instead of carting it up the stairs my damn self.


    Quick 2 day prime delivery. Could use some cushion around the box for less movement of product box inside the large box on came in, to prevent what I’ve read a few reviewers say regarding damaged box or broken bottles. As you can see I have added 5 photos. The product date is good 02-2020 and nothing is damage or missing in my delivery so I’m happy! The price with taxes that I paid rounds out to be $1.40 a bottle. Thank you amazon!

    Daniela I. Bright

    I'm from Germany and was raised on sparkling mineral water. I'm so glad I can get the San Pellegrino mineral water at Amazon because I would miss sparkling mineral water dearly. I drink it as is or mix it with juice or with powdered drink mixes. It is wonderful, healthy, and refreshing!

    James Callahan

    Wish i wouldhave discovered this years ago. Its my favorite drink. I had to stop drinking beer and soda. This makes me feel like im doing something wrong. Has a great bite and snap to to. One person said he felt a couple of the bottles may habe been slightly flat. Could be. But not very much. My wife worked at a restaurant that sold 16 oz bottles of this for 10 bucks. Now nothing taste good. Just soda or selzer or any of the others. This is an out standing product. Gives me that same end of the day reward feeling that a bottle of beer gave me at the end of a hard week. Only now its. End of a hard day or. End of a hard hour. ;)

    Mama Bear

    We use to buy 1- 2 cases monthly from Sam's wholesale. Not any longer.When we inquired about why there was no San Pellegrino at the front desk they directed us to a manager.The local Sam's Wholesale Club manager said " We will no longer be carrying the San Pellegrino product due to the need for floor space for the more popular "healthier" flavored waters, & Sports drinks.""HEALTHY? " Ah, you mean sugary drinks. With the auto delivery by Amazon it comes right to our front door,no hassle, no lifting & loading in & out of cart, car then into house. We are able to have it delivered on or before set delivery date, if we still have some we can even put a hold on it till the next delivery date. Amazon is flexible. We have found the less we need to go to the store the less we spend on impulse buys also. We buy what is needed & that's it!


    I get those delivered monthly (thanks to Amazon and the UPS guy who climbs up the stairs to my second story apartment to deliver the heavy box). I use them everywhere. I take them to my personal training sessions - my medically trained personal trainer said that I do not need electrolyte drinks unless there is extreme exertion, and in one hour of training, there is not such exertion, so mineral water is just fine (and it tastes better). I take it to the Korean spa I go to because I need to replenish the fluids lost during the time in hot sauna, steam room, etc., and these bottles are plastic, so they are allowed, unlike glass bottles. I always have a stash in the car, both to sip when I am driving and to have on me if I stop by for cheap eat-in food such as Chipotle - this way I do not have to buy juice from them, which saves money and reduces my sugar intake. The taste is just right, and the packaging is just right.Last but not least - it tastes great flat. If I leave an unfinished bottle on my dinner table overnight, next morning it is flat, but still very tasty.Also, it tastes great both cold and at room temperature.Love the product and love the convenience of the regular delivery.

    Moderate Risk

    My Wife and I first discovered San Pellegrino Sparkling Natural Mineral Water at a nice resort. We fell in love with this sparkling Italian Spring mineral water. It is a nice substitute when you either want to come off of drinking alcoholic beverages or if you don't drink and want to fit in with your friends or colleagues, you can pour some of this nice sparkling water in a wine glass. We even like it as something to just sit down with and relax while sipping it. It can even be helpful for settling an upset stomach. San Pellegrino Sparkling Natural Mineral Water has been around since 1899 and is a well established product within nice resorts so it also makes for a classy presentation to guests at home. It isn't always the easiest product to find at your local grocery store so I really appreciate Amazon's delivery to my front door in these large bottles.


    I love S. Pellegrino, just the right amount of bubbles and crispiness, flavor wise is not bitter like most sparkling waters. Price is excellent as well and to get it delivered it at my door step is a plus.


    Arrived intact due to excellent packaging, not fizzy/explosive when we opened despite shipping, the kids love it when i add flavored organic stevia to an entire bottle (chocolate, cola, cream, orange, lemon or root beer to name a few).... mom gets kudos for healthy soda ...


    In our attempt to kick soft drinks from our diets, S. Pelligrino has come to our successful rescue! It has the right amount of "fizz" for that proper "sting" fully satisfies our first urges for drinking a soft drink, yet knowing mentally it is water without any sugar makes it the "Simply the Best!". Great natural flavor. And Super Attractive Pricing with delivery to the door here on Amazon--we've loyally been purchasing Pelligrino now for over three years!