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Swanson Boswellia Joint Mobility Respiratory Health Support Supplement Full Spectrum Double Strength 800 mg 60 Capsules (3 Pack)

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  • DELIVERS 800 MG FULL SPECTRUM BOSWELLIA - Our capsules deliver a potent 800 mg of full-spectrum boswellia gum resin to support joint health and joint mobility for everyday activity. Known also as Boswellia serrata and Indian frankincense, this joint support herb has been used for centuries by Ayurvedic practitioners and is popular today among modern herbalists.
  • OFFERS RESPIRATORY SUPPORT - Boswellia has also been used in Traditional Persian Medicine to promote respiratory health. These benefits can support improved respiration during the times of year where changes in the seasons can bring respiratory health concerns.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - Our products reflect our commitment to giving you the best quality and service at the best price. We guarantee that every product you purchase is made from the purest, freshest nutrients and meets the highest quality standards. If you aren't completely satisfied with any product(s) purchased within the last 30 days, simply return the unused portion to us for a full refund.
  • OUR QUALITY & HERITAGE - We're control freaks...in a good way! For nearly 50 years, Swanson Health has delivered science-backed health products worldwide. In 1969, we began in Fargo, ND with a mission to offer wellness solutions that help people live simply healthier together. Our facilities are Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified, and our purity and potency testing includes independent third-party labs. Clinical research, scientific consensus and usage traditions guide our innovation.

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    Total Reviews (20)

    Kristen D.

    Not sure if it has helped me at all joint wise. But for the price can't beat it.


    My husband takes for AS. Both anti inflammatory and helps keeps excessive bone regrown down.


    Hubby uses for pain control. He reports moderate relief with this.

    Des Wes

    My Husband and I take 1 boswellia capsule daily, along with, 2 Swanson extra strength turmeric capsules, it’s not a cure, but it definitely takes the edge off of aging and inflammation. We will not be without either.

    Violetwrites Leftow

    I use this along with white willow bark and devil's claw for pain. Good combination and more importantly, it works to reduce inflammation.

    Sheryl L. Lizarraga

    Great over-the-counter anti-inflammatory supplement. Very pleased with the results.

    valerie ayers

    The Boswellia capsules are wonderful. I have paired them with Turmeric/Curcumin and I am really getting great pain relief. I have also had my husband taking them as well and he is feeling the benefits also. Thank you for making them a great value.

    Kenneth A. Dorr

    Boswellia - Common name Frankincense - another of the health improvement supplements from Biblical times.


    Fantastic substitute instead of medication take something natural they definitely reduce inflammation it works

    Lisa Reads

    I have been using this product for about a year. I am very pleased with the results, and will purchase again. Excellent price.

    Ronald D. Tioran

    This really is helping my joint pain. I am so glad I decided to try it.


    I was told that in three weeks after taking these tablets, the pain in my knee would be gone and it was. It worked and it isn't expensive.


    promptly received, well packaged... use a number of Swanson products due to their favorable pricing and high quality... very effective herb for inflammation and some other issues as you can see with a little research.. will purchase again.


    Can’t live without my Boswellia! I take it every night and morning to help with the achey chronic back pain. It takes the edge off and also helps with digestion. Love it!


    Fast delivery! I didn't take meds/supplements of any kind prior to this, but tried Boswellia for anti-inflammatory benefits. Was skeptical, but it seems to work, as a wrist-hand injury (ligament/tendon issue) incurred over a year ago is now finally "healing" and is pain-free. One might argue placebo effect, but at the end of the day, I don't care as I can get back to golfing per normal!

    Ulana Stuart

    I love this product! I have been using it for almost three years for pain management of my arthritic knees along with SAM-e and it works beautifully. It has been vetted by Consumerslab for being exactly what it says it is in addition its purity.I just got my refills today and applaud Swanson for cutting back on their plastic usage by not shrink wrapping each bottle since they are made in house. The plastic savings is fantastic. Bravo!I would also like to ask Swanson why they are not using recyclable bottles which is why I only give them 4 stars for my review. Unfortunately, a #1 bottle is not recyclable and is a throwaway here in my very pro-recycling city.I would be willing to pay a little extra in order to avoid throwing the bottles in the trash with a #2, #4, #5 bottle.

    Pam St.Clair

    this product has given my hands back to me. i suffer from stiff finger joints, to the point of not being able to make a fist and experiencing trigger lock in several fingers.since taking boswellia, i can function at 90 percent and the episodes of finger lock are gone.

    H. Hope

    Swanson is an excellent company and Boswellia (double strength) is a great product at a wonderful price. I take it to manage pain for osteoarthritis and it works for me. Highly recommend Swanson.

    Deana C.

    I wish I could be a spikes person for the effectiveness of this product. I suppose locally, I am.I have a back injury and arthritis in my spine. This greatly helps. It takes a couple of weeks before you really notice a difference but then if you run out you will quickly repurchase!


    I have spinal stenosis and am in pain management, i.e., am taking opiates :(. I'm TRYING to get off of them, lining up my own treatment plan and can honestly say this works as well as an 800mg Ibuprofen but without the stomach issues. Well worth a try for the cost. It will continue to be integral in my changeover to non-narcotics!