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Tasty Bite Indian Entree Variety Pack 10 Ounce 6 Count, Fully Cooked Indian Entrées, Includes Bombay Potatoes, Kashmir Spinach, Punjab Eggplant, Channa Masala, Madras Lentils, Vegetable Korma

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  • EASY AND DELICIOUS: Tasty Bite's Indian Entrees make it easier than ever to have the delicious flavors of Indian curries, sauces and stews in no time at all. Toss the packet into the microwave for 60 seconds then enjoy your delicious, spice-balanced meal.
  • ANCIENT TRADITIONS, EASY MEALS: Flavorful Indian recipes have evolved over thousands of years. We’ve taken this wisdom and sealed it in a convenient package. Our fresh vegetable and lentil Entrées deliver you centuries of taste in less than 60 seconds.
  • FAST, FLAVORFUL, ALL NATURAL: For close to 25 years, Tasty Bite has been making fast, flavorful and all natural ethnic food - including entrees, sauces and rices - to delight consumers, with a focus on supporting local farms and protecting the environment.
  • UNBEATABLE TASTE: Tasty Bite's rices, sauces & entrees compare favorably to similar products from Uncle Ben's, Knorr's, Nishiki, Niko Niko, Fiesta, Lundberg Farms, Mahatma, Barilla, Healthy Choice, Marie Callenders, HMR Entrée, Whole Foods, Southern Living

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    Half a packet of this, over a packet of ramen (especially if you throw an egg or two in there) is one of the most awesome, cheap meals I can make. If you put eggs and milk/fake-milk in the bag, and cook them, it makes an incredible quiche. This is one of my favorite microwave meals to buy; $3 makes about 2 meals, if used with ramen and eggs. The curry is a refreshing kind and very flavorful, just spicy enough to give a kick, without being even a medium level of spiciness. The Spinach Dal by the same brand, is what I use when I want something of a little more moderate spiciness, but not really, really hot. But the Aloo Palak is mild enough that I can eat it when my stomach's feeling a little off. I just really love this stuff. It really helps me to eat well, even as I live on a tight budget.

    Christine S

    These are so tasty, fast, and easy. Are they as good as an Indian restaurant? No, of course not. But can you microwave them in 1 minute and they stlll taste pretty good? Yes! That's the point! Over a one-serving minute rice container, they make a great meal for a sad, single person.

    Mr. GrvThang

    This review is for the Kashmir Spinach variety - it seems that Amazon lumps the reviews for all the different Tasty Bite varieties together (this probably explains why they all have the same star rating). I have no idea why Amazon does that - It's not much help in determining which varieties are most popular.Anyway, the Kashmir Spinach is very good. The spinach tastes fresh and is not at all rancid; the seasoning is on point (though I prefer it a little hotter), and the cheese cubes taste good. It is a bit too soupy, however, and while it does have a nice flavor, the soupyness does keep it from getting five stars.I like the Tasty Bite dishes because they are made from quality ingredients with no preservatives added. As with most prepared foods, the sodium content is a bit on the high side, but not outrageously so.


    My husband first picked this stuff up from our local Grocery Outlet and we've been hooked on it ever since! I'm generally not a big fan of eggplant, personally, I don't much care for its texture when cooked (raised eating it cooked Afghan style which most would say is especially good)... But something about this stuff. It's just wonderful!You've really got to try it. I'll also say, I don't care for a lot of Currie or Indian food either. The flavor and smell of this isn't too heavy. It's excellent with rice or any kind of flatbread. We especially like it with Wasa, we also have on Subscribe and Save here. It compliments this very well!http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0036RCYYY/ref=sr_ph?ie=UTF8&qid=1425198918&sr=1&keywords=wasaThis makes for a super easy lunch or snack on the go when time is lacking to prepare anything. One of these bags cooks in under 2 minutes in the microwave (although we don't cook in bag as suggested, we use a bowl)... A couple crackers and you've got a filling, healthy, yummy little meal! Doesn't need any added seasoning, it's just right as is, we think.Lastly, my favorite part (see photo lol), is the way it's packaged out. Haha... The little things! The box is just pantry perfect! Lol It's convenient, we have a grab and go shelf in our entry closet, where we keep snacks and such that are shelf stable. The way it's shipped, it's perfect for this, and the box can be reused if needed for other items. (DIYers rejoice... We can duct tape the box to strengthen it for longer use, lol!)Oy yeah, Punjab... Dee~lish!! Highly recommend. Smile. Hope this helps!


    We love all the ones we've tried so far! They have rich flavor without being hot-spicy (you can always add heat), and we love eating them with brown rice (often with red quinoa and barley added), plain greek yogurt, and chutney. The Kashmir spinach has a much fresher flavor than other canned or boxed ones I've tried. I like the eggplant one, too, but DD says it's a strange combination of smooth & lumpy. However, she likes all the dals we've tried, and they have some texture, so go figure. Her current favorite is the Madras Lentils, with a creamy tomato flavor. The yellow Johdpur Lentils has a smoother texture and delicate, almost but not quite bland flavor. The Bengal lentils are more nubbly and spicier, but still not seriously hot. The chickpeas (Chana masala) of course have the biggest pieces and tasty if you like chickpeas (DD likes them more than I do), probably the only one I won't order again, but that's totally a bias based on the chickpeas. It's the best chickpea dish I've had, actually. LOL

    Shiloh True

    I tried the lentils and liked them, but had to actually spice them up some with extra heat, to bring them from rather bland, to great. It was a small adjustment for a well received, quick meal.I had to try the Punjab Eggplant. I love eggplant and couldn't wait. This meal is much spicier and did not require extra heat. It was just right for me, as it is. However, I was expecting a more predominant flavor of eggplant, since it is the number one ingredient, but the tomato flavor dominated. It also has more of a soup consistency, or thick tomato sauce, than expected.I have to say, that when spread over a fresh serving of Jasmine rice, it was delicious. I have also used a package as my pasta sauce, which was applauded for its unique flavor, topped with a little fresh basil from the garden.I can see the Tasty Bite meals serving many, as a very quick meal, which was the intended purpose. But, in my experience, the best of the products comes from utilizing them in other recipes. Eggplant spaghetti, topped with fresh herbs -- yep, it takes more time, but it is worth is.


    When you consider that this comes in a ready to eat package, is inexpensive and is not even frozen, this entree is surprisingly moist and tasty. Tear it open, heat it in a couple of minutes and yet get something that is much, much better than you expect.But please understand, this is five stars for something that comes in a package. It is NOT five stars for something that you make yourself or eat in a good restaurant.


    I bought these Tasty Bite Jodhpur Lentils to keep at the office, along with some pouches of chicken, so that I could have something reasonably healthy on those days when I don't have time for a real lunch break. To my surprise I love them! Seriously. Instead of being my "Meh, at least it's not out of the vending machine" kind of lunch, I actually look forward to these. The ingredients are very simple. Adding chicken, or tuna, ups the protein even more (from 12g for the pouch to >20g), and these are ridiculously low in fat (<5g per pouch). The spices are very mildly curry-ish, not so much that you (or your office) will reek of curry, but pleasantly so. This is my third order, and I've added them to Subscribe & Save because I really do like them...and as a bonus, there's no need for a bowl or plate. The pouch even manages to keep my microwave clean because the sides are high enough to contain any potential spatter matter. Yuup, I'm happy with these.


    Good stuff, it’s not as hot as you’d expect a Vindaloo from a restaurant (based on my experience at least when I lived in the UK) but that is perfectly OK because they are normally too spicy for my stomach to handle frequently.Your average loaf of bread isn’t as good as proper naan bread but I suggest trying to eat it with bread if you get a chance, almost like the bread is an eating utensil. It makes the spiciness stop quicker and it’s just really tasty. I don’t know much about traditions but I know I really like eating curry with naan bread and so does everyone else I know and it honestly isn’t bad if the bread is pretty plain.

    Arlene Thayer

    This is a fabulous bargain! You heat it up in the microwave for a few minutes and you get a dish as good as the best Indian restaurants I've been too. On 7/21/16 I ordered the six pack for $11.99. I went to reorder it today, 9/3/16 (6 weeks later) and the price is now shown as $29.11! That's an increase of over 142% which is about 2% compounded per day! I left the 5 stars for the delicious taste, but it's no longer a bargain - at least at Amazon.I don't think that the price is an Amazon typo as there are other non-Amazon sites that also have a price in this range. But, after a little looking, I quickly found it elsewhere for the $11.99 that I originally paid Amazon along with free shipping.

    Kindle Customer

    I started with the potatoes, so bland without the familiar spices. Perfect for fragrant rice, I ate it straight from the bag. The meal was warmed through and I look forward to using the rest and a protein for variety. World trade at its best. A product of India, that's available for me without takeout. May your meals have such zestiness.

    l. wagner

    I love it. There's never enough in a bag. The only thing I find wrong is that I have to add salt. Otherwise the flavors are just right and it is so very convenient. One minute in the microwave and done. Sometimes, when I don't want to do dishes, I cut off the top few inches and just eat this out of the bag like out of a bowl. I am a non-Indian who loves vegetarian Indian food and I don't go to restaurants, so this is perfect, a great way to get my fix. I guess the other thing is the price, it's expensive and that makes it difficult to indulge as often as I would like. Same review for the other flavors, although I have not tried all of them yet.


    This Punjab eggplant dish is delicious! I can't get enough of it, really. One packet can feed one to two people with rice, depending upon how hungry you are. It's spicy, but not overly so. The spices are perfectly balanced and the texture is just right. Being able to buy it in volume is greatly appreciated, and the pricing is spot on. All around, I am delighted with this product and the seller.


    I am not usually a fan of packaged foods, but these were on sale so I thought I would give it a shot. I warmed up the lentils a sauce pan and added some fried onion and garlic and finished with a dollop of sour cream and fresh cilantro. Fantastic and tastes pretty authentic minus the tongue-searing spice. Although I love Indian food I don't handle heat too well so I was pleased that these are very mild. If you love the heat of Indian food then you may not like these, but for me perfect.


    This Pun jab eggplant is excellent. Somehow and a bag of pun jab eggplant got accidentally put into my lentils purchase from Cosco and I just had to have some more of this Pun jab eggplant. I like it so much that I put it in my recurring delivery. Just thinking about it right now during this review makes me sad that I don't have any more Pun jab went to eat until my next delivery. It's that good.


    I've never had authentic Indian food before and I do not tolerate spicy foods very well but I was intrigued by all these Tasty Bite options here on Amazon and wanted to give a few of these a try. Who doesn't love a fast, easy to prepare dinner? This is one of the few options that do not list chilies in the ingredients.I don't know what Channa Masala is supposed to taste like, but this quick-nuke version is very good. This isn't spicy (hot/fiery) at all but that doesn't make it any less flavorful. It has a really nice thick tomato/onion flavored sauce and the chickpeas have a semi-firm/semi-soft texture. I was pleasantly surprised by how tasty this was.I have a tiny microwave but this package fit easily and didn't make a mess (I expected one but there was no splatter) and it was easy to handle the hot package after cooking. I've also cooked this in a glass bowl instead of it's packaging, that's actually easier.This and the Tasty Bite Peas Paneer Entree, Heat & Eat, 10-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 6) (which has a little spicy kick), over rice, made a super fast, filling and delicious meal in just minutes. Love that. My only wish was for a bigger package so there was more to enjoy.

    Philip W

    Makes a great quick and easy lunch on those days you intend to brown bag it. I just pack a ceramic container half full of rice, pour the contents of the TastyBite pouch over top, and microwave for 90 seconds. The chickpeas are the same thing hummus is made from, so this really packs a protein punch to keep you going through the day.While it is marketed for microwaving in the bag, I do not do this, nor do I recommend microwaving in plastic or styrofoam. I only microwave in glass or ceramic, because I don't want the chemicals leaching into my food from plastics.Lunch can't be easier, and with Subscribe and Save, it is far cheaper than dining out every day. The only down side to these TastyBite meals in a bag are the sodium content. I don't take these every day, but once in a while is fine.


    I like all the Tasty Bites packets. We're doing the 5:2 diet and one of these packets or another of their tasty offerings served over Jasmine rice enables us to stay within our calorie limits on our two diet days. The Madras Lentil dish that I get from Costco by the box is my favorite and it even makes a decent hot dog sauce.


    # Channa Masara - 3 StarIt contain too much Channa (I suppose beans on the picture) and I don’t feel much curry taste I expect for Masala. Since I always put curry on rice, it adds too much carbohydrates without much curry taste joy.No, I’m not on less carb diet. I just think it too much carb redundancy ruins it. If you don’t put it on rice, you may not mind it. Maybe put it on leafy veggies would work, but but i’ll pass it anyway.

    Max's mom.

    I've eaten these without heating when the microwave at work has a line longer than my lunch... they were awesome. But heat it...you can't hear in the bag... That's not suggested, not would I ever want to. There's enough food for a meal or for 2 side dishes.Totally vegetarian of course. A bit spicy, but it's great. Better than most frozen meals and this needs no refrigeration at all.I could eat this for a snack instead of sweets, and I have a sweet tooth... It's that flavorful.