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Tuft & Needle Premium Pillow, King Size with T&N Adaptive Foam, Sleeps Cooler & More Supportive Than Memory Foam Pillows, Hypoallergenic Cover, Certi-PUR & Oeko-Tex 100 Certified, 3-Year True Warranty

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  • Adaptive foam: constructed with t&n adaptive foam rather than outdated materials such as latex and memory foam, this King size pillow provides the soft yet supportive feel you need to rest easy
  • Cool pillow: unlike others who use shredded, recycled foam, the t&n pillow is made to sleep cool with infused graphite & cooling gel; never flip your bed pillows again
  • Tested and certified: bed pillow is tested and certified by certipur-us and oeko-tex to meet high standards in physical performance & environmental stewardship, and certifying it to be free from known harmful chemicals
  • Made in the usa: these unbelievably soft pillows for sleeping are proudly manufactured in the usa (not another cheaply-made, overseas pillow) and headquartered in phoenix, az; Tuft & Needle is proudly ranked #1 for company culture by entrepreneur magazine
  • No risk: King pillow has a full refund guarantee with a 30 night sleep trial plus an honest, 3-year warranty you can actually use (no gimmicks).Do not wash the pillow

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    Timmer's Junk

    (Note - I’m a side sleeper and I’m reviewing the king sized pillow) I spent a solid 10 years looking for a comfortable pillow and basically gave up and stuck with a moderately irritating Temperpedic. Then I purchased a Tuft and Needle mattress which was so comfortable I took the time to discover they also made a pillow. $100 and two days later I purchased the pillow I’d given up all hope of ever finding. I liked it so much I bought one for my Mother and another for a friend with back problems as well a second one for myself. At least somewhat to get me to shut up about it, family and friends purchased several for themselves and they all said the same thing - “that is the best pillow I’ve ever slept on”.After roughly a month, mine has shown zero signs of plastic deformation (taking a “set” or developing a flat spot) or wear of any kind.I rarely say this, but...JUST BUY ONE - price aside ($100 isn’t cheap for a king sized pillow), I can’t imagine anyone being less than ecstatic with this pillow.


    About 2 years ago I bought a Tuft and Needle bed. At the time I asked if they had pillows, I was told they were working on it.I'm 63 and have slept in quite a few beds and nothing compares to the T&N. I had my neck fused the beginning of September and it has been very uncomfortable to find a good position to sleep with my old really comfy pillow. I felt like I was fighting with my old pillow all night. Last night I just lay my head down and the pillow knew exactly what to do. I'm going to buy another one. Expensive but totally worth it.


    I’m the guy who slept on the same pillow for years. I loved my pillow so much I refused to get rid of it. My wife begged and pleaded for me to search for a new pillow and I could not bring myself to do it. Finally I gave in an decided to shop for a new pillow. When I say I literally tried every pillow... I cant even begin to tell you the money I spent in my search. I tried Walmart pillows, target pillows, soft, firm, feather, memory foam, cooling, you name it. I spent almost $200 on a custom pillow built to my supposed liking and still, could not find a comfortable sleep. During Prime day my wife found these pillows and wanted me to try one last time. She bought two and I could not be happier.These pillows are the perfect fit. Not too firm but not too soft. They breath so they feel cool all night, and are easy on my neck. I work shift work so sleep is crucial for me and I am sleeping so much better now. I highly recommend this pillow for all!For reference I am average height 5’9 and weigh around 190

    R. Haft

    Wow. This was probably the best money I've ever spent on sleep, health and relaxation beyond the T&N mattress. I've had foam mattresses and was skeptical when I first felt the pillow but when I laid down to sleep, I felt all of the kinks and pains from my neck and shoulders come out and had one of the best sleeps I've had in a long time. I don't think I've ever loved somethings so much that I've had to tell others about it + write a positive review. Whatever you're doing to make these pillows, keep doing it. Simpy amazing!


    I've accepted for 15 years that I need a foam contour pillow for my neck. I was shopping around for mattresses and decided to get this since I could try out the T&F mattress. It's crazy laying on it, bc it's like sinking into a cloud. No other way to describe it. I figured I'd wake up the next day in agonizing pain since it was so soft. But I didn't. Everytime I've used it, I feel good for next day. I'm so confused as to why it works so well for me.


    I had an old memory foam pillow and decided to upgrade since we recently purchase a T&N king Mint mattress. I waited to get a better deal than full price since their price is pretty expensive for just a pillow.I did have to let it air out since the smell was very strong. I took it out of the pillow case and let it air out for a day. I did flip the pillow once to air out the other side. I have had no other odor issues since.The pillow is thin, but very comfortable. I had purchased at a big box store another foam pillow, but my head was angled up too high. It felt awkward. This pillow is the perfect height for me since I start out on my stomach/side with my arm under the pillow, and then I end up on my back for the rest of my sleep. It's just really comfortable! Whether I'm on my back/side/stomach I am comfortable. Not too soft, not hard at all.In the photos you'll see:1) It's a standard pillow even though I have a king bed2) It's about 5" high3) I pressed on the pillow with my hand to show how thin it gets. Still enough loft, but also supports my head perfectly.


    The best pillow ever I lost track how many pillows I bought already hate it all finally I found the perfect one worthy very penny:)

    Laura Pervier

    It's been really hard for me to find a pillow that I can comfortably sleep on without killing my neck. I finally found that pillow! I was rather leery when I purchased my first one, but within one night I realized it was wwwaaayyy better than the one I got from a different bedding company (love their beds though) that you can pump up to different numbers. Within months their pillow was getting bent in the middle. I've not had any problems with the Tuft & Needle pillow. From the very first night I was getting much better sleep. I've ordered three - for the house, travel trailer and a friend's guest bed that I use multiple times each year.


    I don’t normally write reviews as I order too much crap from amazon on a regular basis. But I had to stop to do one for this pillow! I already bought the mattress and decided to get the pillow if the mattress is this good.I’ve had every pillow you can imagine. I’ve had neck surgery and have tried bean pillows, water pillows, chiropractic pillows, Casper pillows. None of any of these even compare to the quality, support, comfort, and breath ability as of this Tuft & Needle pillow! I am soo happy with everything!


    I took the pillow out of the box and left it to expand for 24 hours. There was no smell. This is the most comfortable pillow I’ve ever owned. It was supportive but not rigid. I slept on my back and on my side comfortably. The pillow has some give to it and the loft is low enough not to hurt my neck. I’m glad I spent the money.


    At the time of writing this review, I've only had the pillow for about a month, I am also a back/side sleeper and 6'1 250 with what I'd say are fairly broad shoulders.It's honestly somewhat hard to describe this pillow since it's the first of it's kind that I've used. It's very soft to a certain point, but not soft to the point where it just gives in without any resistance. Of course after a certain point it becomes firm but not rock hard when the foam compresses. Firm enough to sleep on my side while also being soft enough to sleep on my back and provide support for my head/neck.I bought this pillow about a week after buying the bed since my previous pillows didn't feel right anymore.It did have a slight smell after opening it, but it only lasted about a day, and it wasn't bad enough that I smelled it through my pillowcase while sleeping. The first few nights took a bit of getting used to, my old setup had me using 2 pillows, a larger soft one and a thinner hard one with the hard one angled downward so that my shoulders could rest on it while sleeping. So when I switched, it was a completely different feeling.At first I was regretting my purchase since I couldn't find a comfortable position, the issue was that I was still trying to get my shoulders to rest on the pillow which raised my neck and head too high. After getting used to the pillow though, I can confidently say that I do not regret purchasing it at all. I cannot say whether or not this is a great value or anything since this is my first pillow above $30, but that's still fine, the pillow provides enough comfort and support for me.

    Abby S.

    For me, it is the perfect amount of soft and firm. I like memory foam, but I also like to have a little bit of softness to my pillow . This is the perfect solution for me. I also love that it’s thick enough that my arm doesn’t fall asleep when I sleep on my side ( a problem I’ve had with every other pillow I’ve owned). I also love my bamboo pillows, but those lose their shape in just a few months, so for me it was worth the price to have a pillow that won’t lose its shape.

    Debbie Doan

    I shopped around for a new mattress. I went to the high priced sleep stores and the prices were outrageous! My daughter bought one of the popular foam beds and she loves it, but it was too hard for me. I did some research and read the reviews on the Tuft and Needle. The video explained how the bed was made and the two men who started the company were very knowledgeable about their product. What caught my attention was the claim that the mattress had “bounce” which means it might not be as hard as my daughter’s bed. With a 100 night guarantee, I took the leap of faith and purchased the mattress. My mattress was over 15 years old, and was causing me to wake up with sore hips and shoulders ever morning. I received my new California King bed within TWO days and two new pillows! Easy to unpack and place on the platform bed where my old mattress was. The very first night I slept on my Tuft and Needle mattress with my new pillows was HEAVEN! I look forward to going to bed every night and waking up feeling good! Thank you for you incredible product! I’m going to save up and order two more king pillows!!


    This one is an odd one. It is extremely light and soft. Because of it it compresses to something too thin for me. I really wish they made a mush bulkier version. I am enjoying the pillow when put on top of another memory foam type pillow. If they had built it like the mattress it would have been perfect lol. I have to admit I like my head "high" and with more support than most.


    To start, this is definitely a high-quality pillow; from the pillow protector to the pillow itself; even the packaging is well done. T&N took care to ensure they were providing a good product.Most memory foam pillows struggle with heating up due to their material, but this isn't one of those pillows. This pillow regulates temperature quite well. This isn't a pillow that will be cold to the touch, but you shouldn't have any issue with sleeping hot as it seems to have good air flow. Just be sure to use a pillow case that won't be adding heat to your sleep environment; especially during summer months.As for the pillow itself, I would say this is a medium-firm support pillow. Side sleepers will enjoy a slight sinking in as the pillow conforms around the pressure from your head. The foam will also provide enough support to keep your neck aligned properly. Back sleepers should also appreciate this pillow as it will provide the necessary support and cushion to keep you from waking up with neck pain.I wouldn't recommend this for stomach sleepers as the loft is probably a bit too high, and it will prevent you from keeping your neck in proper alignment.All in all, great product!

    Dan Br.

    I bought this since I really like my existing Leesa pillow, and wanted to compare. Even though I've only slept on it 3 nights, so far I prefer it to the Leesa. As a picky side sleeper, it's hard to find a pillow with the right height and firmness.The Tuft and Needle seems almost perfect. It has a nice "bounce" to it, yet is very comfortable once your head is in place. If I had to grade them, Leesa would be a B+, and this pillow a solid A. I'm looking forward to many nights of cool slumber!


    Finally found a pillow that supports my neck and doesn't heat up during the night. I am a pillow turner but this pillow does stay cool. It also does not hurt my ear when sleeping on my side. For some reason memory foam would cause a searing pain, I guess from pressure, on my ear. If you like a plush pillow this isn't for you. It's very firm and does not "thin out" during the night. If you need serious support for your head and neck then this is for you. Great for back and side sleepers.

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    I’m one of those people who buys a new pillow every year and without a doubt this is my very favorite one. It’s the prefect support for a side sleeper and the prefect firmness for a good night’s sleep, this will be my last pillow.


    Love this pillow. I have neck issues and have a hard time getting comfortable with other pillows and wake up with a stiff neck. So far I have been able to wake up with far less discomfort. I am a massage therapist and plan on recommending this pillow to my clients with similar issues with their neck.