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VIVOSUN 36"x36"x72" Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent with Observation Window and Floor Tray for Indoor Plant Growing 3'x3'

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  • KEEPS ALL LIGHT IN: The VIVOSUN grow tent blocks all light from escaping and is lined with 98%-reflective mylar to boost the output efficiency of any grow tent setup.
  • EXTRA-THICK CANVAS, STANDS STURDY: The top-quality 600D canvas is tear proof and double stitched for perfect light blocking; the canvas is supported by strong metal poles that are specially finished for smooth installation.
  • ATTENTION TO DETAIL: Little is more annoying than a low-quality zipper, so we've gone to great lengths to ensure our heavy-duty metal zipper is the best on the market.
  • EASY OBSERVATION OF YOUR PLANTS: Don't throw out your back checking on your plants! Our easy-access door unzips smoothly, and the observation window makes it easy to peek inside.
  • FAST INSTALLATION: VIVOSUN grow tents are easy to install even if you've never done something like this before: no tools needed! Quality backed by our ironclad, hassle-free 2-year warranty.

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    I have a 1200 watt led light in this tent.Pros:Absolutely no light comes through the zipper or any of the seems.-Has a lot of vent holes which is nice for having extra options-it is way me sturdy than the plastic frame versions! A lot more sturdy. Lol.Cons:-Instructions are terrible because of the numbers labeled on each bar. Just use common sense when putting it together, I ignored the instructions once I saw that the bars were labeled incorrectly.-The draw strings for the vent holes don't close 100%.. so you have a little bit of light and heat come out. (Which could be good for some of you, but my light doesn't put off much heat)Overall, I'm very picky when it comes to everything I buy. If I don't like it. I return it and find something better. But this is a great product for the price. No major complaints here.

    Cass Young

    I have read great reviews regarding this tent, so after a frustrated run with another brand (lots of light leakage) I decided to buy this one. I received next day and it was quite easy to put together (took me about 15 minutes). Instructions were well written and the poles were marked with letters/numbers for easy placement which made it very easy to assemble. The thickness of the tent material is stated at 600D, hard to actually measure this however it feels pretty solid. The observation window is a bit to high for my taste since all I can see for now is the top of my LED panels, I guess once the plants get bigger it will be useful since it allows you to check your plants (you know you will be checking them a few times a day) without disturbing the environment, humidity, temperature, etc. The only other tent that I have seen with this feature is the Gorilla Grow Tent, but it costs $300. The ducting ports are well placed with a variety of options depending on you setup and there are two 4" ones on the top and bottom of the back panel for cables and pipes etc. one 8" on the top right and two 6" on each the lateral panels (one on the top and one on the bottom). Additionally there are the meshed screen on the inferior sides. Finally the zipper: while shopping around for another tent it seem as if most other brands use regular zippers, these guys decided to go withI the SBS zipper which is of far better quality. They are large and sturdy, however a bit cumbersome to operate as it sticks a bit along the way. To solve that, all I had to do was run a white candle across the whole way, and now it works great, I think it will last for a while. I must say there are some pinhole light leaks around the zipper area. Not where the zipper connected to the tent, since there is a dual flap there to protect the light from coming through, but where the stitches are. Overall I would say this is a pretty well built tent. I had an issue with both of the cross bars, or as they call "hanging bars " missing from my package. I contact the seller, and they responded very quickly, and were very friendly. Overall, I would recommend this tent for anyone one looking for something affordable yet well built to last. Make sure to check the contents of your package upon receiving.I must add some feedback on the VIVOSUN customer service team. All communication was done through email, however every inquiry was responded within six hours or less and they were extremely friendly and easy to deal with providing solutions for my issue. Since a lot of these tents are of very comparable quality (Apollo, Growsun, iPower, lighthouse — the ones I have) based on the customer service, I would surely recommend these as you know they will take core of any issues that might come around.Highly recommended.

    The Jim

    From all the bad reviews, I was extremely skeptical ordering this tent. I went with this one over the others because of the price-point;And because have these thick hanging-bars for it, which other companies do not have. People complaining about this tent are probably people from other tent companies. This tent is fantastic at a perfect price. Sturdy, and the material is thick.Someone mentioned quality control being bad. I found everything hand-wrapped, and all the pieces were in tact. Directions are as clear as daylight.As for putting it together, I was dreading opening the box; To my surprise, I found out that this tent was not only easy to put up, it was almost fun.


    Perfect little tent (48x24x60) Very few small pin hole lights leaks taken care of...I was able to fit a 48" T5 - 6bulb light perfectly into this tent. Easy set up and seems very sturdy. I expect to get many years from this tent. I'm using for Veg and sexing of cannabis plants.I would highly recommend this tent for someone who wants to veg 6 - 8 plants in 200cc - 400cc pots.Nice features and designed well. I would buy again. Vivosun has done a very good job with this and many of their other products at reasonable prices. Will do business with them in the future , I'm sure.https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005H1C74O/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s05?ie=UTF8&psc=1 << Fit Pefectly


    As most of you have done... I looked around, and read lots of reviews on grow tents... and at the end of the day was still not sure what to buy. I could spend 3x as much for a top of the line tent... which I didn't want to do, so after much research, I landed on this one. Overall, I'm VERY PLEASED with this grow tent... it does have a couple of pin holes light leaks around some seams... but not really an issue (and unless you buy a top line tent, I think they will all have these). It has a nice heavy duty material and the zipper seems to work well. Why didn't it get 5 stars? One of the metal frame corner pieces was missing it's holes for the pole "snap button" to pop through (I just used tape to keep it together)... and, it would be nice if one of the upper 6"side vents was offset to the back. Again, very pleased overall... and I would recommend this to a friend.


    It's cheap, which is a plus. You'll immediately see light leaks all over the place, which are easily fixed with some rubber epoxy and a caulk gun. Might be able to get away just using duct tape to seal it but I didn't try. Zipper's OK, I can see it failing after some harvests but that's an easy fix to put some YKK's on it. My tent had the 6 inch exhaust holes but I'll tell you now it's a TIGHT 6 inches. Frame is sturdy, assembled it's really light. I put mine together alone - wasn't difficult. If you're a bit of a DIYer and are looking for a good base tent for a cheap price, I'd go with it. The viewing window is pretty cool, I use it a lot during the day to just check on things when I pass the room. Removable base insert is nice for cleanups and saves me from making my own.edit: 6/9/17, changed from 3 stars to 4; Vivosun reached out to me and offered a partial refund in order to offset some of my issues without my prompting, that was appreciated and surprising. Stand up company, for sure. Pleased with my purchase, tent receives heavy use.

    Killer Ken

    Got the tent on time as expected.The quality of craftsmanship seems good. Stichting looks good. Each opening for air cooling has dual pull strings and socks to make sure you have a good seal inside and out.I wish the windows on the side either had the mesh insert like on the bottom sides. or clear acrylic window like on the front of the tent so no bugs can get in when they are open. So one star taken away for that. Who knows maybe I'll like that I can get into the tent from the sides to make adjustments in the future who knows.Can't comment on light leakage as of yet as I am waiting for my led lights. Update laterI recommend having another person help getting this tent put together. Much easier having an extra set of hands with this size tent.My wife did complain about the smell of the tent. But over the last day and a half the smell has deminished some. So I won't take a star away from that as I feel in a few days the smell will be completely gone.Not sure if I like the color of the green poles for the tent. I would rather see plane white poles so that it reflects light better in the tent.Overall I like this tent, just need to get some use out of it to see if the zippers hold up over time. Those are usually the first to go on a grow tent.

    Margaret S.

    The tent itself seems fine, but I would have purchased the brand I already own since the seller nor amazon placed this item in a plain amazon box as requested by the checkbox option on the order placement page. Not really nice to see a large white box with Vivosun written In large letters down both sides of the box, as well as, a label on that stated exactly what is in the box sitting on your porch when you pull up. If discretion is your thing, this order will not be for you. Hopefully the tent is better than the delivery .UPDATE: the initial frustration of the shipping has worn off and I want to review the tent. It was somewhat easy but not as sturdy as another brand I have, the main supports that give your height don't lock in place which can cause the tent frame to come apart at those points when you are putting the cover on. Easy enough to put back in, just a little pain. At this price point, I this tent will do what I expect. One plus, the small supply net inside. Holds my LED googles and a couple of other tools so I always know where they are!


    Ordered the Vivosun 60x60x80, and after 3 weeks, the stitching around the zipper has fallen out, leaving a 4-inch hole at the bottom of the tent. The problem was not caused by use (I have only zipped the tent open and closed a dozen times!) I am concerned about the long-term potential of this tent as it looks like the stitching is loose and about to come out at half a dozen more locations around the zipper. Also, as others have mentioned, the bottom of the tent does not stay in place. The corners will rip, and then the bottom 'tray' slides around at the bottom of the tent. I have purchased many Vivosun products--most are well made at a good price. This tent would be fine if the stitching were better. Until the stitching problem gets fixed, I would not recommend this tent.***Update--the Vivosun Customer Service team contacted me and addressed the stitching issue. It is good to know that Vivosun is taking steps to change the manufacturing process to make sure this problem doesn't continue. I change my review to say that I WOULD recommend this tent, and I plan to keep using Vivosun in the future***

    W. K. Holton

    This is a great little setup. There are plenty of options as to where to run cables, ducting and fans. There are 6 circular opening with double pull strings. One at the very top, one smaller one opposite the zipper side, two on the left and two on the right. At the bottom of the left and right side there are rectangular vents that use a Velcro cover. When the cover is off it exposes a mesh and is used for ventilation. This was disastrous for me because my roommates cat was easily able to claw through it and eat my "tomato" plant. Live an learn I guess. Nothing wrong with the Velcro cover vents, just saying the mesh is not cat or mouse proof, so I had to redesign my venting system keeping the covers closed. I have used smaller double plant grow tents, and they were more expensive. This should be the smallest setup you should buy when starting as it is cheaper and built way better than anything I have used so far. The canvas material is rugged and made very well. It form fit perfect to the frame. This was very easy to setup, just make sure all the rubber feet are going the same direction or the poles will not align correctly. The zipper is high quality, I think VIVOSUN really shines in this area. I have not found any pin holes yet like others have found, but for the price I will take a few without complaining. For my use, the poles hold up 2 LED pod style lights hanging from the top support bars that are included. (the support bars are included not the lights). I would not put much more weight than that as the poles not heavy duty. I was worried that a mylar/canvas water tray was not durable, but there are no worries anymore. Held water for 3 days as a test with no leaks. This setup keeps the heat in VERY well, you will need to think about ventilation. A small duct fan will work with a variable controller. I have mine on a timer to run every 2 hours for 15 minutes. Stays between 76 and 80 all day. I will probably buy the bigger model next time, but this one is perfect for the small 4 plant situation I have now. Make sure in your planning you note that it is only 5 ft tall. The lights take up space, the pots/hydroponic setup will take up space, the ducting will consume space, and the plant growth will take up space. No one likes stubby flowering plants as it reduces the yields. Happy Growing!


    I'm generally of the opinion "Buy cheap, buy twice". However, this is my first grow tent and I didn't want to waste a lot of money learning which features are important to me. I've since bought other Vivosun products and they seem to try hard to be responsive to customer needs (smart!) and provide quality products at an attractive price points.So...why buy a grow tent at all? For me, I bought an "Exhale 365" bag for CO2 augmentation, but had no way to keep the CO2 near the plants to do any good.The most important thing I learned about grow tents is that the tent itself is just the beginning. I also needed a ventilation system, carbon filter, clip fans, ratchet hangers, ducting material, screw clamps, lights, power strips w/timer feature, fan speed regulator, zip ties, and a CO2/RH/Temp meter w/logging feature.Another thing I learned is that most grow tents, are engineered to a particular configuration, but they don't tell you what that configuration is! It may be intuitively obvious to an experienced grower, but not to a NooB like me.My "guess" is that the Vivosun grow tent is made for an inline HID lamp and filter, but that's not what I have. I have two (2) Viparspectra 450w LEDs lamps that I thought would provide ample coverage..hung lengthwise. However, I now believe that at 24x48x60 grow tent needs at least 1200w total to provide the most desirable coverage and canopy penetration. Otherwise, your plants may stretch into the lights. I bought a third Viparspectra 450w...with the idea of hanging them widthwise, but I will need to remount the carbon filter and vent hose to the center support to hang the lights the way I want.This brings me to the fan. I bought a carbon filter, ducting, and a 4" fan from the hydro store. I used the Vivosun supplied straps to secure the carbon filter to the upper back left frame pole. I used a screw clamp to secure the ducting to the filter, zip tied the ducting to the upper back frame pole and ran it to the fan. The fan didn't line up with the 6" hole to the right, so I had to use a ratchet hanger to secure the fan to the frame and lower it so it aligned with the hole. I screw clamped another piece of ducting to the output of the fan which I ran out of the hole. The 4" fan is too strong for the 24x48x60 tent at full speed so I had to add a dimmer switch to throttle it back.That's another thing...it would be nice if Vivosun offered a 24x48x72 tent so lights can be raised higher.Additionally, this tent is not designed for clip fans...as the fat, plastic clips have nothing to clip to. I resolved this dilemma by removing the clips and suspending the fans with ratchet hangers (actually, an effective solution). I thought it would be nice to have squeeze clamps that fit just around the poles so the fans could be secured and moved simply by squeezing the clamp and sliding the fans up or down.The tent if fairly easy to set up. However, the instructions are quite terse. You really need more room to assemble the tent than a 24x48x60 inch space. Once the frame is assembled, you have to open the tent up, attach the top of then canvas to the top of the frame, then roll the tent to its side then upside-down to "roll" the tent over the frame. Zip it up and turn it right-side up...and you're done! The instructions don't describe this process well. You're pretty much on your own.This tent has many "options" designed around a HID lamp solution. However, if you're using LEDs and using the tent to capture CO2, it doesn't make much sense to have floor vents...as CO2 is heavier than oxygen and nitrogen and would leak out.The floor vents don't seem to make much sense for photosensitive species that need periods of complete darkness to flower. My tent doesn't have any stitching issues described in other reviews. I really like the high quality zippers and the overlapping flaps to keep light out. However, the stitching around the velcro of the vent flaps and the window feature can let some light in. I duct taped them all shut and have a very dark tent.That's the next thing...the window. What a hokey feature! The plastic is hard to look through and at a level for a child or someone in a wheelchair...not someone 6'2". My zippers meet at the upper left-hand corner. If I want to observe my plants, I unzip along the top and peer in when the lights are on. If you need to look at your plants during sleep time, and have a green light in your room, fine...but why not just unzip the top and get an unobstructed view. All the window does is let in light around the seams, so I duct taped it shut.I'm not saying the window isn't a nice feature for some, but I shouldn't be forced to buy the "handicapped" model if it doesn't meet my needs. Btw, if you can't go 12 hours without looking at your plants, perhaps you should forego the grow tent and spend your money on a psychiatrist, instead.The zippers are nice, but they don't flow all that smoothly with the light flaps on the inside of the tent. I find that if I run my fingers inside (to push the light flaps away) as I zip, the zippers flow much more smoothly. Of course, this requires two hands to zip it up.I really like the velcro strap to hold the door out of the way when unzipped. However, it would be nice if there were a second velcro strap on the inside of the tent to hold it in place as I try to zip it back up. As I mentioned, it helps to run your hand ahead of the zipper to keep the light flap out of the way, but you can't do that when you're like the little Dutch boy with his finger in the dyke...holding the door up top with one hand as you zip with the other from the bottom...and the zipper getting constantly stuck on the light flap.With all that said, here's my review...Pros:1. Easy to assemble (once you know how to assemble it).2. Sturdy and well constructed.3. Vents close up tight. The tent sucks in about 2" all the way around from negative air pressure.4. No light pollution once vents and window are duct-tapped shut.5. The drip pan is a nice feature!Cons1. Terse instructions2. No discussion of necessary additional equipment or how the tent is designed for that additional equipment.3. Short (a 72" model would be nice!)4. No windowless option5. No strap to hold the door in place while zipping up.


    I have one of these already, which I’m very happy with. This most recent one however seems like it wasn’t sewn in the correct shape in regard to the main opening. It has tight and loose areas as you’re zipping up, making it a pain to access. Still works, maybe it’ll break in, who knows. Over all, mostly happy with vivosuns tents.The most recent tent is pictured on the right, and alone in the third photo.The third photo you can especially see the looseness around the zipper in several places.Vivosun has since contacted me, demonstrating excellent customer service. They obviously care about their products QC. A+ seller, will buy again.


    Nice sturdy grow tent. My vegetables already seem happier in it! Had an issue with missing pieces when I received the package and I emailed the manufacture on a Saturday and received an answer within a few hours. They had my parts sent ASAP and I received them by Wednesday! I am looking forward to having better luck than I had in my yard. The deer ate more of my tomatoes and green beans than I got to in past years. Now I can grow year round, no bugs and no freeloading deer munching away on my stuff! I even put up a 6 foot fence around my garden and watched from my kitchen as they jumped straight over it and started eating. Even moving stuff to my back deck did not stop them from stealing my stuff and they had no fear coming up to the house to eat my vegetables. Looking forward to actually eating what I grow!

    H. Seymour

    I purchased the 4X2X60 version of this grow tent. The frame went together very easily. The only problem I had with the construction whas the lace of ball connector to secure the 2 halves together. also the suppport structure at the top could use some shoring up. Other than that this is a very good product. the canvas is good quality and everything world well. it is light weight and easy to move if you need to. Overall great tent. I would love to someday try the larger tent as my operation will be growing for next year.......Bottom like if you are looking for a grow tent in this size....look no further. it works very well with a VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 600W LED.

    Sir Snacksalot The'Hungry

    Great tent, had to oil one zipper after months of use. Solo assembly is easier if the frame is assembled while you're inside the tent rather than trying to slip the tent over the frame after the frame is assembled, just be careful to not tear the tent doing it that way. The storage pouch on the inside is completely useless. The sides of the floor tray are not rigid enough to stay upright even with The corners fastened to The tent frame. The tent itself is well made. The tiny pinholes where seams were sewn and at the zippers are trivial and will not affect flowering. The velcro paneled side vents, if used at all, should only be used in vegetative growth to avoid light entering the tent at "night". Negative pressure from strong exhaust fans causes side walls to suck inward reducing inside dimensions to aproximately 4'x4'. Recomended users to use more than 2 of the intake vents or add fans blowing air into the tent. If it were up to me, I'd eliminate the storage pouch and velcro covered side vents and put money into additional wall support poles to keep walls from sucking in.

    D. Harmon

    Couldn't be happier with my Vivosun grow tent. Was simple easy to assemble (20 minutes start to finish), no parts were missing, and product is stable and good quality. Zipper is strong and works flawlessly, canvas exterior and metallic liner all holding up very well. Frame is good quality, light weight aluminum, but definitely strong enough to support this sturdy tent without being wobbly.As for its inhabitants, I'll let my pictures attest to how happy they are. I placed tent in my 2-car garage and use a small room heater at night placed near floor vent to keep temps around 60-65 (minor increase in electric bill). I moved all my seasonal plants into the tent 3 months ago once Winter night temps started getting in low 40s (November). Sun Patients like coller weather (60s to 70s), but they start showing stress once temps drop below 50s. I have two grow lights in my tent and one gnat light (blue light with electrifyed grill kills off those pesky critters). Lights are on from about 8am to 8pm, then off for the next 12 hours. I keep blooming plants withing about 12 inches of grow lights, and three non-bloomers on tent floor abut 2 feet below grow lights. Everybody is happy. All together, I have 5 large planters in this tent -- a little tight but everybody is happy despite the crowd.Once Spring arrives, all pots will return once again to my patio, where they will be quite happy until Fall arrives once again. During Spring, Summer, and early Fall, my VivoSun tent will get folded down and moved to the attic awaiting the next late Fall to start back to work once again.Very happy with this purchase.


    Before I start telling you what I liked about this tent I will say I bought a different brand and had problems with it. I am staring at the box or that other tent with disgust right now. I needed a new tent and the Vivosun was a little taller than I needed. Could have made it work but the other one was a small amount cheaper. Well now I am out time, money, patience and most of all a tent until I get this nonVivosun returned. Now on to Vivosun. I have pushed pulled, moved and dropped water and dirt in and out of this tent. Nothing seems to bother it. It went up with little problems. Just took some time and make sure you have the black cleats on the bottom and you will be fine. I helper does make it easier. Don't do like me get a good tent the first time. This one was worth the very little extra and I should have never tried a different one for my second tent. I am very happy with the Vivosun.

    scott true

    Great tent! The fabric on this thing is thick, I was really happy when I opened the box! I mean it. Its slightly softer than a new Carhart jacket, hahahaha. The zippers are heavy duty and have a soft overlapping black fabric that covers the teeth and keeps light in/out. Easy assembly for the most part. Good design, plenty of ports to run ventilation/cords in and out of. Each port has 2 drawstring sleeves. This is my first tent and I couldn't be happier with it! If I ever need another it will be a Vivosun!


    I honestly wasnt expecting this to be a 5 star product when I purchased it. I really expected it to be just "okay"... I wanted to wait a little before reviewing it to be sure nothing broke after some use. So far I am extremely impressed with this grow tent... I did a lot of research before deciding in this one and I'm glad I did. The zippers tend to be the main concern with the cheaper grow tents and in this case I couldn't be more pleased with deciding on this be size the zippers are nice and heavy duty. There's really no light leaks and it's extremely sturdy. The corner braces are very sturdy as well. I have no fear mounting my grow lights in it because I know it will support the weight. So far it appears to be water tight as far as the floor liner goes. I'm using this tent to grow rare carnivorous plants and orchids and for that purpose this tent is top notch! Just follow the included instructions and you'll be fine.


    Another great tent from vivosun. I also have the 4x8. This one was much easier to put together, but is also much thinner material. It is still thick enough to get the job done, and it air and light tight when assembled and zipped/tied up properly. My only complaint is that the Velcro windows were not velcroed on the tent like on the 4x8 and they were folded in half, this made it a little difficult to get them to stick together properly and caused light leakage until I finally flattened them with an iron. That, and the zipper was 'off the tracks' so to speak up upon opening, but I was able to back track the problem and fixed it without issue.