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WEEKENDER Ventilated Gel Memory Foam Pillow - Washable Cover - Standard Size

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This is an amazing pillow! It came in a fairly small box and plumped up nicely. I am a side sleeper and this pillow supports my neck and head so comfortably. The first night with my new Weekender ventilated memory-foam pillow was the best sleep in a long while. I need a couple more of these!

K. Mousseau

This pillow is everything I had hoped for......had a memory foam pillow that needed to be replaced after several years of use. Decided to take a chance on this one, and am very pleased that I did! It is so very comfortable with support that is just right. There were some complaints about an odor that existed, but I did as the instructions suggested and left it outside on our porch for several hours, and it was fine.

D. Conner

This. Pillow. I have used this pillow for a few months before writing a review because I wanted to give it a fair test. I am one of THOSE people. I'm a pillow snob. I have easily spent over $2,000 over the years trying to find the "perfect" pillow. I'm predominately a side sleeper (with a CPAP mask). Occasionally I end up on my back. Over the years I have tried them all. Shredded foam, My Pillow, Purple Pillow (love their beds, the pillow? not so much!), Japanese sobakawa pillows, gel, air bladders, memory foam, you name it, I have tried it. And every. danged. time. I revert back to my Bed Bath and Beyond foam rubber pillow (which had finally started to show it's age!). Then I saw this one. Saw all the positive reviews. Saw that it was only $30 (GASP!). And I figured, why not? If I hated it, it could join the many others that have been delegated to my son (who now has a mound of pillows on his bed) or to the chair in the corner of the bedroom where all the other hated pillows live. Got this pillow and thought, "Wow....that is TOO tall, my neck is going to HURT in the morning!" Let me tell you.....I have slept with this pillow every night (and not just a few afternoon naps) since and LOVE it. I cram it in my suitcase when I travel for work. Love, love, love it. Only thing I dislike? It's a standard size...and looks kind of silly on my King sized (Purple!) bed, wrapped in a King sized pillow case. If it came in King size, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. Heck, I might buy a few more just to have as spares! I mean, is it just me or when you find something you truly love, they discontinue it? Ugh. I digress. Try this pillow. You will love it. And if you don't love it, there's a 3 year warranty. Best danged $30 I've ever spent.


This is my second purchase of the gel memory pillows. I first saw this type of pillow at a large mattress retail store. The price was $100 per pillow. I found this product and absolutely love this pillow. It is so comfortable whether I sleep on my back or side. The pillow is firm but also seems to cradle my head. The pillows have retained their original shape and feel. I was worried that they would give off heat since they are memory foam, but there is no extra heat, etc. This second purchase is for the guest room so my guests feel extra comfort while visiting.I have only the highest recommendation to purchase these pillows.

Carlie McClinsey

I initially bought one of these pillows for my boyfriend as a Christmas present. He has back problems and I thought that a better pillow might serve him well. When it came in, I loved it so much that I bought myself one. Today, after my mom had gotten the chance to feel it, she asked me to buy her FIVE (yes, 5 total) for herself, my dad and my sister. I love these pillows and will certainly recommend them to anyone sho is looking for a comfy memory foam pillow.When they first come in, they smell like memory foam and are a little stiffer than you may like. I suggest washing the cover immediately and spraying the pillow with fabreeze (or some other fabric spray) so that when you sleep you don't smell the "new foam smell." I would also recommend giving the pillow a few days before judging. At first, the pillow is a little firm, but after a few days it warms up and is great. 5 stars all the way.


This is a good one! I have Fibromyalgia and my neck has been really messed up ever since a car accident a few years ago. So I am constantly in pain. I have a really hard time finding a pillow that doesn't make me wake up with headaches and neck pain that radiates. I've tried so many pillows and nothing works. I wake up a thousand times a night trying to adjust my pillow to get comfortable. With this pillow though, I don't have any of those issues. It is perfect. I slept through the night for the first time in a long time, without having to adjust and slap around my pillow. I literally ordered a second one after two days of using this pillow.

Rick Seals

Very comfortable! I like that it doesn't seem to get too hot on warm nights and it doesn't freeze on cold ones. It really helps me sleep - I fall asleep when I use this pillow much easier than when I don't. It lets your head sink in more than a normal pillow but not so much that you sink right through. And when you move, while watching TV or while sleeping, the memory foam goes right back to shape - you are still snug. It really helps to limit neck pain which is an issue I have always suffered with most pillows unless I choose to lay in just the right way. With this pillow I am not stuck with only one good way to do it - I basically can sleep whatever way I want. Well worth the $30 I paid.


This pillow is just what I was looking for! I am a side sleeper and tend to place my arm underneath my pillow so this works perfectly for me - it molds around my arm so I barely even notice it. I have had issues with other pillows being either too fluffy or too hard but this one is soft while still giving me the support I need. It stays cool throughout the night and remains firm at the right places. The memory foam pillow was packed nice and tight and I let it air out for about 48 hours before using it. There were no problems with any odor like other memory foam pillows and mattress toppers. I plan on purchasing more for my home in the near future.


I read tons of reviews before placing an order, and I am glad that I did! I used it last night for the first time, and it did hold my head and neck properly. It formed my shape as I moved. The pillow is not too soft or too hard. I might have found THE pillow.I bought the Weekender gel memory foam pillow, as well as the standard Beautyrest Latex Foam Pillow to compare and choose the right one. I am keeping the Weekender and sending back the Beautyrest as the first meets my needs more that the latter one. Everyone has different needs (medical or not) and expectations, as of today, the Weekender is my pillow. I will review my opinion in a few months to see it this original review still holds.I don't give it 5 stars because it has a slight smell that seems to be slowly fading while as it laid for 48 hours on the open without a pillow case (the 48-hours prior use is necessary as it comes rolled in a box).

Kristen B.

This is the best pillow I’ve ever owned. The foam is soft, but firm enough to provide more than adequate support for my neck. I suffer from a lot of neck and lower back pain, and this pillow has helped me sleep so much better. I keep a pillowcase on mine, but have at times taken the pillow’s cover off and washed it with my pillowcases for thorough cleaning. It is a little difficult to shimmie the cover back over the foam pillow, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing because it means the cover hugs the pillow well and is basically unnoticeable under a pillowcase.


I read a lot of reviews of foam pillows and decided on the weekender for My Wife and I. Out of the box this pillow did not have a smell like some described. It took a few minutes to get to full shape. It is a little lighter than my old foam pillow. This pillow is about 5 inches thick. I’m 200 Lbs and I am a side sleeper. As with any new pillow it took a day or 2 to get used to. The position that worked for me is with my shoulder right up against the pillow. It places my head center of pillow. My head sinks about an inch or 2 into the pillow. It keeps it’s shape All Night! It does not flatten out as the hours roll by. My arm no longer goes numb. This pillow will hold your head in a perfect position, no more neck aches in the morning! After 10 days now, I have to say this pillow was a Great Decision!!!


 Just received the pillow and so far so good. I received what I expected based. It expanded to size in a few seconds. The ‘new’ smell on the pillow is the only temporary downside so I’m going to let it air outside before sleeping on it.

Michelle Bost

I originally bought a more expensive 40$ pillow and subsequently left in in Florida while on vacation. So as I didnt want to spend 40$ again on a pillow I decided to try this one. I was so pleasantly surprised! Usually you get what you pay for as they say but this pillow is better than my more expensive pillow. Its really really light and soft. It supports your head though. Its just soft enough to be delightful but not too soft that your head falls all the way through it. I am a side sleeper and need the pillow to be a certain height so my head is laying flat and aligning with my spine. The height on this is perfect. I am a smaller person though so mabe someone bigger who is a side sleeper may need something taller but for me this was perfect! I love this pllow so much I feel dumb for buying an expensive one when this one was better!

R. J. Olmstead

I was pleasantly surprised by this pillow. When I first got it I thought it would be too soft, but it's not! It's got a lot of give, but it supports right where I need it. I've only had it a couple months, so we'll see what happens in a couple more. It doesn't stay as cool as I expected (which is the reason for the 4 stars). I don't get hot, but it's not as cool as it seemed to indicate it would be.

Zainab N. Nawaz

Fantastic pillow. The perfect balance between support and softness. I usually dread new pillows as i always have to break them in for a few weeks to get a good nights sleep. This is the first pillow i ever tried new and got the best sleep in a long time. I didn't wake during the night to shift my pillow or to change sides. I normally sweat on my pillow and this pillow was completely dry. The gel in the foam really does work at cooling. Highly recommended.Only advice is to expect to pillow to air out over a day or two. This is normal and nothing to worry about in regards to foam. Whether a mattress or a pillow they all need to age a bit after being initially inflated.

Kirby and Casey’s Mom

Update to my review- one and 1/2 months later, still loving this pillow. I bought one for a friend and she also loves it now. I too had bought every pillow on the market over the years and this one is certainly the most comfortable, most cooling and best support yet. This is what a pillow should do! Cradle and support your head. My first thought was it wasn’t high enough and wouldn’t feel comfortable. Boy was I wrong. The second my head hit this pillow, I realized what I have been missing all along. True support. I absolutely love this pillow and highly recommend it. It also manages to stay cool, which at my age is priceless!!

A. Junco

This pillow like most, is not for everyone. It is firm, it is not particularly "cooling", but if you like a large firm pillow that won't move because it is heavy then this is the one for you. The cooling gel foam it is made of is very firm. It conforms to the head, but not much. I have gotten a stiff neck a few times. I loved it at first, after trying several other pillows, but now, not so much. If you like firm pillows this one is great, if you like a more conforming pillow, this is not that. If you want a cooling gel pillow, this one is about average, foam, is foam, and your melon will still get hot in the summer on this "cooling" pillow.

Lindsey Haws

When purchasing this pillow i wasn't sure what to expect as it's been awhile since I've used a memory foam pillow. I am glad to have found a pillow in this price point as it is on the cheaper end for what i have seen memory foam pillows to be. This pillow is surprisingly light (i ordered a king size which can be large and cumbersome for some pillows) and has just the right amount of 'give'. I've used the pillow for a few days now and it didn't take nearly as long to get used to as most pillows do. There is a proper amount of support whether sleeping on your side or your back. All in all i am extremely satisfied and will be buying another one for my spouse!


So I’ve spent maybe 10 bucks on a pillow before and thought that I’d splurge and get a nice pillow this time. I always end up with a lot pain in the morning and this pillow is amazing! the true test is sleeping on it . It’s soft but ur head is still lifted . I bought one for my husband and my self. I recommend it so far


You can tell that this pillow is of really good quality, right away. It DOES have a smell at first, but the paper that comes with it address that. It is not a toxic or unhealthy smell at all and will dissapear over a couple of days. It even suggests washing the outer layer if the smell is of big concern. The smell is very very slight unless you're looking for it, and it didn't bother me at all. The only thing I had trouble with, is how thick the pillow is. Laying it down, the pillow stands somewhere between 4 and 5 inches tall, so it feels like the equivalent of two pillows stacked on top of each other. I at first couldn't get used to it, but after a while I was fast asleep. The pillow is extremely comfortable and it's huge! It's actually the same size as a normal pillow, but the height makes it stand out a little more. I got the standard size and can't imagine the size of the bigger options. I also found that laying with your shoulders on the pillow as well is extremely comfortable. It takes time to get used to, but it's a super comfortable pillow.